State of the Art Climate Control: Smart Energy Saving

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If you are planning a new build and are looking for a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, there are some very energy efficient climate control systems on the market. Some might say that the traditional water central heating system is the best choice, yet this is an expensive way to provide heat for your living space and hot air convectors offer a more efficient method of climate control.

Trench Air Convectors

These portable units are very easy to install and heat up your living space quickly and evenly and with a choice of floor or wall-mounted units, you can enjoy great climate control at an affordable cost. If you live in Australia, Air Solutions trench convectors are an ideal choice, with stylish units that take nothing away from your décor. Some trench air convectors also cool the living space, which is ideal in the hot summer months and is significantly cheaper than traditional air conditioning. Having an all-climate control solution means you are comfortable all year round.

Minimal Water

Unlike the water central heating system, the convector only uses a minimum amount of water, which saves energy, while the units are very easy to maintain, with almost vertical heat distribution, giving you an even heat throughout the room. Australian homeowners are reporting savings of up to 50% on their heating bills when they replace their water central heating system with trench air convectors.

Interior Décor

While traditional radiators look clumsy and unattractive, trench convectors are almost invisible, set into the floor with aluminium grills. Wall-mounted and corner units are also available, making it easy to design an unobtrusive heating and ventilation system that is energy efficient. Powder coated aluminium allows for any colour so you can match the room’s furnishing.

Free Standing Convector Units

There are portable options, with stylish free-standing units that blend in with the surroundings and if you would like to learn more about air convectors, search with Google for a local heating specialist that focuses on convector solutions and they would be happy to quote for any specific units. The supplier would be happy to send a heating engineer to your home, where you can both discuss the many options.

Fan Assisted Convector Units

While you can buy natural convectors, there are also fan assisted units that distribute heat faster than their natural counterparts. If you would like to learn more about fan assisted convector units, search with Google for a local heating specialist who offers trench convectors and they can answer any questions that you might have. 

Non-Fan Assisted Convector Units

The non-fan assisted trench convectors offer a natural airflow, which gives an even heat that is both comfortable and affordable. If you would like to learn more about trench convector units, search with Google for a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning expert who has all the climate control solutions.

Be Energy Efficient

If you are going to install a climate control system, it should be energy efficient and with adequate thermal insulation, your living space will always be comfortable and it won’t cost a fortune. The days are gone when heating an a/c takes a large chunk of your income, thanks to developing tech, we can now enjoy climate control that is affordable. On the subject of home design, there is now a website where you can design your dream home.

Rapid Heating

Convector heating offers a rapid temperature increase which uses the natural airflow, giving you even warmth in a timely fashion. Time is money with climate control and the quicker you reach the desired temperature, the least amount of energy is used and that saves money. By all means, check other climate control systems and compare performance and cost, which should lead you to choosing trench convector climate control, which is great in the hot summer months.

Radiator Heating

One aspect of water radiator heating is the walls are heated, which is inefficient, as most of the heat dissipates through the wall; the trench convector, on the other hand, heats the air from the ground up and doesn’t waste energy heating the walls. This is a significant amount of energy that you are saving and that adds up over the period of a year.

Custom Made

Trench and wall-mounted convector units are custom made to fit the room and when compared to radiator central heating, the room is not impacted by the heating; search online for a specialist company and ask them to pay you a home visit and the technician can design the system to fit your home.

Click here for government information about clean & renewable energy, which is something we should all be looking at.

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