Experts Provide Tips for Protecting Yourself from Internet Scams Amidst Rising Losses

Protecting Yourself from Internet Scams

As internet scams continue to rise and businesses lose over $10 billion in 2022 alone, experts in cybersecurity such as Ed Anderson of Dyrand Systems, Glenn Kemp of Clear Concepts, and Troy Drever of Pure IT, offer valuable tips for protecting yourself and your business. These include staying vigilant when opening emails, using strong passwords, keeping software up to date, using multi-factor authentication, training employees, and backing up your data. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre also warns of the growing threat of scams in Canada, including romance scams, payment scams, tech support scams, employment scams, and identity theft. Stay informed and take proactive measures to protect yourself from internet scams.

How to Restructure Your IT Organization

Restructure Your IT Organization

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Helping Startups with 2023 Tax Deadlines

Although tax deadlines can’t be changed, startups can stay on top of important filing dates. January 31st is usually when independent contractor forms and wage statements are due with February 28 being the due date for 1099 paper filings. Then there is the S corporation and partnership extensions due on March 15. It’s best to … Read more

The History of the Nike Air Max 1

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