8 Billion and Counting

The world has reached the population milestone of 8 billion people on November 15th, 2022. This significant event raises important questions about the distribution and growth of the world’s population. Asia is by far the world’s most populous continent, led by China’s population of 1.426 billion and India’s population of 1.417 billion. The United States … Read more

Mint Global Marketing: 4 Traffic Sources Every Direct-Response Marketer Should Consider Using In 2023

Traffic is necessary to reflect the success of any business website. To effectively attract traffic to your website, it is crucial to know the traffic sources. Mint Global Marketing was established to meet the business marketing needs for a variety of clients spanning many different industries. Mint Global Marketing has highlighted the four traffic sources … Read more

Round Out Workplace Training with Microlearning

Despite being important to a well-rounded workforce, workplace training is challenging and often minimal.  On average, employees receive only 24 minutes a week for learning.  This prevents them from reaching their full potential and mastering all of the skills they need to do their jobs.  Subpar workplace training can result in increased employee turnover; 40% … Read more

The Soaring Success of Supplements

The supplement industry is experiencing massive success and growth, but what is this industry really like?  Getting the down-low on the big business of supplements can help you navigate the industry as it continues to grow.  Already, more than half of the global population takes supplements.  In the US, every demographic sees a large supplement … Read more

What Are the Best Analysis Diagrams For Businesses

Visual diagrams in businesses haven’t only been traditional and compulsory for many decades. It’s common knowledge that humans can interpret, trace, share, and develop data much more efficiently using some form of graphical layout that categorizes all the information into a more straightforward format. Businesses that utilize visual languages in their regular workflow manage to … Read more