Bridging Dimensions:  Spatial Computing’s Redefinition of Work and Play

Spatial computing is rapidly changing our interaction with the world.  Projections show a substantial growth of 67% for the AR/VR B2C industry in four years, from $31.12 billion (2023) to $52.05 billion (2027).  This technology, covering a broad spectrum from reality to Virtual Reality (VR), is driven by innovators such as Lumus, promising a transformative … Read more

Advanced Document Understanding:  Revolutionizing Data Processing

Intelligent document processing (IDP), an emerging category of artificial intelligence (AI), is captivating industries worldwide.  As the shift towards digitalization continues, IDP has become a crucial instrument for automating the processing of copious amounts of unstructured data.  IDP employs technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and expert systems to meticulously analyze, categorize, and draw valuable … Read more

Decoding the Finance of Corporate Learning:  A Fresh Look

Learning and development (L&D) serves as the primary avenue to align employee abilities with business goals.  Annually, millions of workers engage in L&D programs, ranging from compliance to reskilling.  Post-COVID-19, corporate investment in learning and development has surged, underlining its relevance in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Interestingly, return on investment (ROI) assessment in learning … Read more

Mitigating Gen Z Turnover

Gen Z presents unique challenges for recruitment professionals and organizations. With Gen Z projected to make up 27% of the global workforce by 2025, understanding how to recruit and retain Gen Z has become crucial for the future of work. Organizations are projected to hire 14.7% more college graduates in 2023 than in 2022, shifting … Read more

Overcoming Barriers Against Working Women

The reentry of women into the workforce is gaining traction, signaling a positive shift from the pandemic’s impact. In March 2023, the number of women actively participating in the US workforce surpassed pre-pandemic levels, indicating a promising trend. This resurgence can be attributed to factors such as improved schooling options, a decline in business closures, … Read more