Helping Startups with 2023 Tax Deadlines

Although tax deadlines can’t be changed, startups can stay on top of important filing dates. January 31st is usually when independent contractor forms and wage statements are due with February 28 being the due date for 1099 paper filings. Then there is the S corporation and partnership extensions due on March 15. It’s best to … Read more

Student Basic Needs

Many students struggle with meeting their needs for food, housing, and other basic necessities, forcing them to choose between their educational goals and paying their bills. In fact, about three in five college students in 2020 experienced basic needs insecurity as they lacked access to stable sources of shelter, food, and other essentials. Students of … Read more

Utilizing a Network of Influence

Students, professionals, and organizations can benefit from having an influence network. Alumni networks provide opportunities to conduct informational interviews with established professionals, gain assistance in career changes, obtain promotions, and access exclusive resume reviews, and jobs. These networks also produce true community and meaningful relationships as well as access to experts and discounts for various … Read more