Getting the Best Tech From Your Own Home

Are you trying to get the best gifts for the holidays this year by shopping early but still struggling to get the products you want?  There are actually several factors currently hindering your holiday shopping, including smaller holiday shopping windows, an increasingly short supply of the best gifts, and longer shipping times.  This is especially … Read more

Eyeglasses Give Us Visions of Our Future

Eyeglasses have come an incredibly long way since their creation. They’ve gone from being hand-held, cumbersome items made of glass-blown lenses and wooden or leather frames, to something so sleek, easy, and extraordinarily useful that they can commonly be seen on the majority of our faces at any given time. In fact, today, about 126 … Read more

Congress Pushing for Anti Drunk Driving Technology

drunk driver being tested

The federal government, working alongside safety organizations and car manufacturers, has been working on reducing the number of drunk driving accidents for well over a decade now. The project is known as the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety, or DADSS for short, and could hold the potential to save roughly 10,000 lives per year. … Read more