Standoffs and Spacers Buyer’s Guide: Things You Need To Know

In the world of hardware, standoffs and spacers are classified as Electronic Hardware.   These mechanical components are used to connect and position PC circuit boards, gears, instrument panels, and doors within assemblies. Differences Between Standoffs and Spacers  Let’s jump right in on their differences.  While both standoffs and spacers have a hex or round … Read more

How Telehealth Services Are Effecting Insurance

During the COVID-19 pandemic there was a large increase in the amount of telehealth services that were provided for patients. This was to help minimize the amount of contact between people in order to promote better social distancing. However, many patients experienced problems with their insurance during this transition to telehealth services. One of the … Read more

The Future of Warfare Through The Internet

Cyber war is already here, as the onslaught of attacks by Russia towards Ukraine only increased as 2021 came to a close. In the first 10 weeks of 2022, cyber attacks launched against Ukraine not only posed a threat to internal government websites, but also led other involved countries to double down on security and … Read more

Pandemic Problems: The Downfall of Higher Education

College mergers have become a popular and common solution to the shift in the education system worldwide, as the number of mergers has increased by 21% from 2000-2018. There are several reasons why colleges are failing. Financial strain, shrinking enrollment, and shifting interest in a college degree, all due to the pandemic, are the main … Read more