Student Basic Needs

Many students struggle with meeting their needs for food, housing, and other basic necessities, forcing them to choose between their educational goals and paying their bills. In fact, about three in five college students in 2020 experienced basic needs insecurity as they lacked access to stable sources of shelter, food, and other essentials. Students of … Read more

The Power of Corporate Gifting

Gift giving, for the individual, is a time to be generous and to show a sense of care. Corporate gifting  is a time to show off a sense of identity. Gifting keeps customers around, boosts word of mouth, and keeps a brand relevant. That’s not to say that all gifts are created equal though. Each … Read more

Reddit Suffers Cyberattack Through “Sophisticated Phishing” Technique

Reddit cyber attack

The recent cyberattack on Reddit highlights the importance of being proactive about cybersecurity. In early February 2023, Reddit, a popular social news site, fell victim to a cyberattack using a “sophisticated phishing” technique to target its employees. The company confirmed that the attack took place on February 5th, but they only became aware of it … Read more

Why the Engineering Field Requires Quality Software

Solving complex problems and attaining extreme precision are two common goals in various engineering fields. Engineers need to solve unique problems during construction or design tasks that often have no known solution yet. They are also tasked with achieving precision when implementing these solutions and then confirming the results. Both of these tasks require tools … Read more