How To Handle Client Entertainment In The Digital Age

The pandemic changed the way that businesses operate all over the world. Visiting clients internationally was truly impossible for a number of professionals in certain industries.Building a rapport that can lead to a beneficial business relationship became more of a challenge. Staying proactive about building a personal relationship with clients is important. Realizing that not … Read more

Moving Past Cookies in Data Collection

Businesses rely on online tracking for marketing efforts and revenue generation.  In recent history, that has translated to cookies.  Cookies are small text files that websites place on user devices to recognize and track their online behavior.  Some cookies disappear when a browsing session ends while others are stored on the device.  Recently, the European … Read more

Real Estate: A Guard Against Inflation

Inflation is a headlining topic right now, as our nation breaks 40-year economic precedents in reaching its highest numbers since 1982. There’s an industry to invest in, however, that can help you guard against the financial effects of inflation: real estate.  Innumerable daily investments have risen high in price over the last few months. Among … Read more

Seeking Success? Try Sleeping More

There are many proposed keys to success. Determination, personality, persistence, hard work ethic, and ingenuity are a few of the many tokens that leaders list. Now, there’s a new key emerging as the unlocker of success and the materialization of dreams: sleep. The benefits of good sleep, as a foundation for success, are many. As … Read more