The World of Replacement Lenses

Did you know that if you love your frames, you can keep them with replacement lenses?  64% of adults in the United States wear some form of prescription eyewear.  Prescription lenses may need to be replaced due to scratches, which can make it difficult to see.  Cracks or breaks in the lenses, normal wear and tear, or vision changes often require new lenses.  Others might consider replacement lenses if they like the current frames and don’t want to change, or if they want an affordable alternative to new glasses.  Consumers plan to spend a little less than $175 on each new glasses purchase, which most need every 1-3 years. 

When choosing replacement lenses, there are many decisions you can make for added benefits.  Different lens materials like plastic, polycarbonate, and glass, can impact both vision durability and clarity.  Plastic is the most affordable option.  Polycarbonate is shatterproof and impact resistant, and glass is naturally scratch-resistant and has the highest optical clarity.  Lens coatings offer additional benefits like scratch resistance and UV protection.  LensFactor can get you your new lenses in as little as 5 business days. Shipping your frames to the lens lab takes 1-3 days, followed by the creation and fitting of your new lenses into your old frames.  Your frames with the new lenses are then shipped back to you.  Upgrade your favorite frames with new lenses.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory

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