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Playing games on a media is some type of addiction when you prompt to it. People play games to gain some sort of relaxation. But for gaining this relaxation you have to play the game in a calm environment. For this, you need the best possible gaming tools such as a good keyboard, a best FPS mouse. All these tools aid your gaming capacity and increase your gaming duration because they help you in playing interesting games for a long time without any interruption. Nowadays, mice play a key role in playing computer games because you have to make quick moves thus you need a flexible tool. So you can make all these difficult moves without any problem. But for this, you need the gigantic type of mouse.  So go for the best choice that you not only provide these facilities but also enhance your playing capability. For this, you need to search some special type of mice that are using by the people around the globe. If you haven’t yet searched anyone amongst them, then you have missed a lot the world of games. But do not worry, I am going to reveal about some of the gaming mouses that will satisfy your need for the games. So, the most modern of all times, FPS mice are the top-rated mouses these days. All these FPS( First Person Shooter) have extremely sophisticated technology that rank, FPS  as one the top mice in the gaming world. These features are given in the following lines.

Reasons to Choose the FPS:

FPS games were started in the early 90’s. Since then it has done a lot till now. In the modern day age, FPS is one the huge organization in the gaming world. The games like CS-GO and OVERWATCH are introduced by it. They are a remarkably gigantic type of games. But when you play these games they look so easy on the eye. Have you ever thought about it? So the thing behind is the tool that is almost using up to 70% in games while playing. And that is none- other than FPS  MOUSE. Due to these mice, the playing capability of a player enhances incredibly. Moves are easy to make because of high speed and accuracy.

In this passage, we will explain you some of the top FPS MICE that are focused in the market.  We will try our best to provide a sufficient information about the TOP FPS MICE in the market. Although all them are different from the other in some aspects but believe that every single one of them is different from the other in many ways. Let explore now.

1.M 65 PRO RGB FPS Gaming Mouse 12K DPI – Black

M 65 PRO RGB FPS Gaming Mouse 12K DPI - Black

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This M65  PRO RGB FPS Gaming Mouse features 12000 DPI optical sensor that gives précis-pixel tracking and highly developed surface calibration support. The aluminum frame along with aircraft shape provides the very low weight. And also very tough and durable at the same time. The weight-tuning system that is used in this FPS MOUSE is advanced enough that set the center of Gravity to match your play style. And control the power of iCUE through advanced button configuration for macro programming and for three-zone RGB customization of backlighting.

A High Accuracy Sensor – 12000 DPI.

The M 65 PRO RGB FPS Gaming Mouse is equipped with a high-class sensor technology i.e. 12000 DPI. The gaming-grade PMW 3360 is an optical sensor which provides you with pixel-precise tracking, custom tuned. This will give you some extraordinary performance on any screen that you want to use. This quality of pixel-precise tracking of FPS (First Person Shooter) Gaming Mouse will give a sense of playing in a natural environment.

Aircraft- Grade Aluminum Frame with Special Curve-Design.

People oft to choose those mice which have everything for the user i.e. good shape, all the buttons required for a game and excellent grip over the mouse. So the FPS Gaming Mouse has got all these features. It is made up of Aluminum in an Aircraft shape along with special curved shapes on both sides. The frame gives the mouse durability and the curves provide an excellent grip.

Advanced Weight Tuning System:

This FPS Gaming Mouse has three adjustable tuning zones which enable you to control the weight of this FPS Gaming Mouse. It also adjusts the center of gravity of your M 65 PRO RGB Gaming Mouse. As these three adjustable tunings are put here to customize the weight of the FPS Gaming Mouse, but sometimes you feel it a bit heavy so can easily remove the any of the tuning zone buttons in order to make it more lighter.

Extra-Large PTFE Glide Pads.

Another quality of these mice possess is that FPS Gaming Mice have Five Extra-Large PTFE Glide Pads. These pads lessen the friction on the mouse which the free movement of the mouse. These pads are placed at different parts of the mouse, two are at the front, two are at the sides and one at the backend.

Extra Calibration Tuning Efficacy.

The M 65 PRO RGB 12OOO DPI Sensor automatically optimizes and become responsive in no time and makes you able to play on any surface. Along with this speed, it ensures excellent tracking, no matter what the surface or environment is.

Eight Strategically Placed Buttons.

It is a big bonus for you to manage yours by customizing the all the buttons in a proper way.   There are Eight buttons placed tactically to have good control over the game.

High Standard Scroll Wheel.

This FPS Gaming Mouse has a rubberized scroll. The advantage of this scroll is that when touching the scroll it provides you with more control because the rubberized surface has the ability to attract the object that touches it.

2.CORSAIR Sabre- RGB Gaming Mouse- 10,000 DPI optical Sensor -Light Weight

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Our next FPS Gaming Mouse is CORSAIR Sabre-RGB-Gaming Mouse. This is also one the most demanded FPS Gaming Mouse that has some stunning features which may enforce the customer to have a piece of this Gaming Mouse. It the following predominant features.

Light Weight and having Better Quality for Fast Game-Play

The mouse is so light that it weighs almost 100 grams. This is such a small weight that while playing games you don’t even feel the weight of the mouse. The Corsair Sabre RGB 10000 DPI Gaming Mouse provide trouble-free, console and fast reach balanced through precise tracking, the refresh rate is 1,000 Hz. Along with this eight customizing buttons, apart from this there are some super responsive switches. It has got for zone 16.8M color backlighting a wonderful look that matches the way play.

A High Class 10000 DPI Sensor along with Multi Color DPI Indicator.

This 1000 DPI Sensor provides you with high accuracy and elegant tracking, make you able to the every second of your playing style. And you can watch the scenes very clearly to make timely moves and make huge destructions. This FPS Gaming Mouse allows you to place your own customized  DPI indicator color palette.

Four-Zone 16.8 Million Color Backlighting.

It is your own choice to choose the hue and brightness level for any of the zones. Apply CUE(Corsair Utility Engine) software for choosing the brightness level. Use your own chosen colors with an exceptional four-color-pattern. If you don’t want to the color scheme on your own then allow the CUE to automatically set it for you.

Eight Elegantly Placed Buttons.

This FPS Gaming mouse has got well placed eight buttons. All these buttons make the playing of the game so easy.

3. DLAND FPS Gaming Gamer Mouse along with 7200 DPI- High Accuracy Sensor.

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This is one of the advanced technology that’s why this mouse is in everyone’s demand. People always look for such FPS Gaming Mouse that has everything that Gamer needs. So this is one of the best choices for you to have it in order to enjoy the best gaming speed with extreme accuracy. The special features that this special FPS Gaming Mouse is the following.


It has got SEVEN DPI GARE SHIFTS. They have their own distinctive colors and everyone with a different range. i.e. 600 orange—1000 blue light—1600 white, this is a default feature—2400 red – 3200 green and—5400 dark blue. In order to remind you each gear corresponding light flashes three times.  If you want to turn/off the breathing light just press the DPI for 2 seconds.


This FPS Gaming Mouse has fast Forward and Back keys. These keys provide you quick response. Just press the forward for a short while and perform the function of four keys. In order to switch to the nine kinds of LED mode cycling( Neon light +7 single color breathing), just press the forward key. After that release the button and choose the current color.


If you want to increase or decrease the return, you only have to use the combination of the keys.  For example, if you want the return rate to reach 500Hz, press the middle along with the right button for 3 seconds, a red light will flash twice. It means the return rate has reached 500Hz. Press for a long more than the first one, thus the blue light will flash, means the return rate has reached 250Hz. In order to restore the factory default state, press left, right and middle button at the same time for more a single second, the white light will start blinking which is an indication of the default state.


High response rate means the speed at which the data is transmitted between computer and mouse, so this FPS Gaming Gamer Mouse has this special quality. When the transmission is high the delaying in the moves will be zero. And the competition becomes very interesting.  This quality of the this FPS Gaming Mouse reduces the jumping during playing a game. This makes the game more realistic.


This MEMORY STORAGE FUNCTION and FIREPOWER KEY is used for trouble saving when in use saves the last operating state. This function of this FPS Gaming Mouse gives a continuity option even though you have to leave your favorite game for some emergency.

4.TeckNet HYPERTRAK Gaming FPS Mouse


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This is one of the best FPS Gaming Mice along with 16400 DPI with 10 programmable buttons, which has enhanced the playing movement ability of this FPS Gaming Mouse. It has the following distinctive features.

  • This very stylish FPS Gaming Mouse comes with 16400 DPI, very fine laser sensor. Which increases the speed up to 200 inches/second. This ability reduces the jumping effect of the mouse during playing games. Thus the game and all the movements look natural and realistic.
  • It has 10 programmable buttons that are placed on both sides of this FPS Gaming Mouse. Every button has its function i.e. forward and backward buttons, sidewise movement buttons, DPI setting buttons. The addition of these buttons makes them so easy to play.
  • It has got DPI profiles along with controllable light colors. And fully configurable fully arranged layout for modified play.
  • The sensor of this TeckNet HYPERTRAK Gaming Mouse has the ability to rack Z-axis as low as a 1-mile meter on most surfaces. This eye-catching is very for low sighted people.
  • This FPS Gaming Mouse has an advanced weight tuning system. This Mouse has the ability to set the center of gravity to enhance the capability of playing games with the help of this advanced tuning system.

5. LogiTech G 303 Daedalus

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This is another FPS Gaming Mouse that I added to my collection because it has got some special features. Its price is a decent one which is under $ 50. The PMW this very handsome Gaming Mouse is 3366 sensor. Which provide you with exceptional tracking and excellent accuracy.

This is different from all the above mice because of its shape. This mouse can be used easily with a fingertip grip. This FPS Gaming Mouse lessens the fatigue because of its shape and contact points. That is why most of the top gamers have given a positive review of this brilliant gaming mouse.

This is a great mouse that can be controlled with fingertips. It is a lightweight FPS Gaming Mouse which is about 127 grams along with cable. This is an ideal FIRST PERSON SHOOTER  Gaming Mouse. So, if you are in search of an excellent gaming Mouse.


This is in my opinion, is a kind of list that will fulfill all your gaming needs. This list contains the best of the best FPS Gaming Mice that are the top in the list of AMAZON. As everyone knows that desires have no limits. If you are fond of games, especially E-Games. Then you need an excellent Gaming Mouse, that contains everything, for instance, A high-level DPI Sensor, Accuracy, have good adjustable Buttons, Light Weight, Good Shape, Cheap and many others. So, you all these mentioned specifications in all the above mentioned FPS Gaming Mice. So, don’t wait too long to go and grab it Online from one of the best selling hub Amazon.


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