5 Common Types of Cell Phone Damage and How to Repair It

Today, almost all of us have an incredible feat of technology on our hands–cell phones. They are capable of performing all the daily tasks imaginable while being compact. However, the mobility of cell phones can sometimes lead to damage, more so than other stationary devices. Here are 5 common types of cell phone damage and how to repair them.

1. Clogged Charging Port

Perhaps one of the most common problems we experience with phones is clogged charging ports. As time goes on, debris in your pockets may enter your charging port, and every time you plug the cable in, the debris is pushed inside the port. Even if you take good care of your phone, this problem is still inevitable because debris will always be present. When you can’t push your cable into the phone for charging, or if you don’t hear a click, you should try to clean the port. Find a sharp tool such as tweezers to pick out the debris in the port. Then, you should be able to charge your phone again.

2. Cracked Screen

Sometimes your phone falls out of your hands, which results in a cracked screen. There is no easy alternative other than to replace the screen panel. This process typically involves opening up the back plate and removing all the components of the phone. Most phones are made so that you can’t access the screen before you remove the components. Therefore, if you don’t know what to do, it is best to contact a professional repair service to avoid further damage.

3. Battery

Even just using your smartphone battery regularly, you are causing damage to the battery because each recharge and discharge can reduce the efficiency of the battery, resulting in a shorter screen-on time. When the battery life of your phone is no longer satisfactory, or more serious problems such as a swollen battery occur, you should replace your battery. There are replacement kits online for purchase, and they provide you with tools to open the back plate, as well as replace the battery. Similarly, if you are not certain, you should contact a professional repair to avoid further damage.

4. Water Damage

While many phones now are waterproof, some phones are still prone to water damage, especially if you left the phone in water for a long time or it was submerged in a water depth more than what it can handle. If you recover a phone from water, do not try to turn the phone on. Instead, leave the phone for a few days to completely dry out. Sometimes the phone would boot if the damage is not very severe. However, if the phone fails to boot up even if you think it was dried, you should contact a professional to check for component damages.

5. Speakers

Similar to a clogged charging port, if you notice that the sound coming out of your speakers is very quiet or muffled, there may be debris covering the speaker opening. In this case, use a sharp tool and gently pry out the debris and dust. Make sure that you do not damage the speaker mechanism in the phone while repairing, as it can lead to much more of a hassle.

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