5 Tips for Using Technology to Buy Equipment Pieces Online

When you need to buy equipment pieces online like mini excavator final drive motors, you want to reduce any stress and hassle that comes with an online order. By planning ahead and having some tips ready to go, you can ensure your ordering process goes smoothly.

1. Use Image Search Results to Find Exact Parts

While serial numbers and exact part numbers can supply you with accurate results, you may have older hydraulic system parts that do not list the exact part number. Instead of taking an educated guess, use an advanced image search to find the part. Google’s image search can take a picture of the part and find a match directly online. Based on the information you find, you can order a replica part and ensure the part is compatible with your machine.

2. Use Advanced Shipment Tracking Services

When you order parts online, you will want to schedule ideal times to receive the parts and plan the installation. Instead of guessing when the part will arrive, track shipments through advanced tracking services. Sign up for accounts through UPS, Fed-Ex, and the USPS to know exactly when all your shipments will arrive. If a machine is down, the shipment arrival time will give you the best estimate for when you can get things up and running again.

3. Read Customer Reviews Beyond the Website

While many websites can curate their own reviews, use technology to search for part reviews and information away from your order source. This will help you find the best options and get a wide range of opinions from people who ordered similar final drives and other parts. Check out message boards or posts on websites like Reddit to find details from other customers like yourself.

4. Use Database Software and Apps to Track Part Purchases

Instead of just ordering parts and forgetting about the details, use app software to track details and know exactly what you ordered. The tracking can help you keep track of prices, warranties, serial numbers, and when you installed the parts. This will make it a lot easier when you need to order parts again in the future. A single document saves you the hassle of searching through your email or other locations for order information.

5. Use Video Tutorials for Installation Instructions

On the website you order from, look for detailed video instructions on part installation. When you order final drives and travel motors, the installation process is relatively easy, but everything is made easier with video help. Step-by-step video instructions allow you to properly install the parts and know the best tools to help with the job. Before you even place the order, you can watch the video tutorials to get an idea of the installation process and if you’ll need any extra tools or supplies to get the job done.
Use all of these tips every time you order equipment pieces online. You will create a smooth order flow and make things much easier as you seek out final drives and other equipment for your business.

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