Congress Pushing for Anti Drunk Driving Technology

drunk driver being tested

The federal government, working alongside safety organizations and car manufacturers, has been working on reducing the number of drunk driving accidents for well over a decade now. The project is known as the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety, or DADSS for short, and could hold the potential to save roughly 10,000 lives per year. … Read more

Today’s Need for Tech Savvy Attorneys

In today’s technological world, nearly everything you do leaves behind a digital footprint. From ATM purchases to cell phone logs and information stored on social media servers, the record of your actions is miles long. That might seem invasive at first, but it plays a vital role in tracking down criminals and proving their crimes … Read more

When a Tech Complaint Becomes a Lemon Law Case

Lemon Laws center around defects that affect the use, safety, or value of a vehicle. These defects need to be substantial, often ruling out smaller repairs like a faulty radio, but there are times when technological issues fall under this consumer protection as well. Here’s how to know when a tech complaint becomes a Lemon … Read more