Improving the Redundancy of Healthcare Claims

Clearinghouses are a very important part of the healthcare process, because they ensure that providers get paid for providing care to patients. They are platforms that allow a data transfer between providers and patients, usually in regards to a medical claim. Change Healthcare has one of the largest clearinghouses in the United States, processing 50% … Read more

Employers and Remote Work

For the average employee, remote work is something which makes life convenient and easy. In fact, 98% of people say they want to work remotely, at least some of the time. Surprisingly then, the percentage of people working remotely has been steadily dropping since the pandemic. Why? The answer seems to be that employers are … Read more

Redefining the American Consumer Market with Subscriptions

The subscription-based business model is boasting incredible offers of affordability and convenience that traditional brick and mortar stores can’t offer. Many Americans are being swept up with this growing market, and currently there are 61 million people nationwide that have at least one of the 255 million subscriptions that are available. Millennials and Gen Z … Read more

The Benefits of AI in the Healthcare Insurance Space

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the remarkable ability to emulate human learning by using large datasets to become trained on identifying trends and performing predictive analysis. This will be highly useful for many businesses, and the healthcare insurance industry is no exception, especially in the realm of claims processing. This sector currently operates at a deficit … Read more