Eyeglasses Give Us Visions of Our Future

Eyeglasses have come an incredibly long way since their creation. They’ve gone from being hand-held, cumbersome items made of glass-blown lenses and wooden or leather frames, to something so sleek, easy, and extraordinarily useful that they can commonly be seen on the majority of our faces at any given time. In fact, today, about 126 million Americans wear some kind of eyeglasses, whether for vision correction, blocking UV rays, sports, gaming, or for safety. 

There are already many uses and many different kinds of glasses available to the general public, but eyeglasses are also being developed for more sophisticated purposes. With modern technologies, eyeglasses are being used in a variety of industries such as medical and engineering. 

Surgeons may use monocular smart glasses during operations to monitor patients’ vitals through augmented information located out of the line of sight. Engineers can use binocular glasses with augmented information and to overlay 2D and 3D graphics while repairing oil rigs in the field. Office workers can communicate with these workers through the glasses to give instructions on what needs to be repaired. 

No matter which way you look at it, eyeglasses are the vision of the future. They’re empowering us with much more than simple vision correction.

Looking Up. The Future of Eyewear Is Shining Bright

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