How To Handle Client Entertainment In The Digital Age

The pandemic changed the way that businesses operate all over the world. Visiting clients internationally was truly impossible for a number of professionals in certain industries.Building a rapport that can lead to a beneficial business relationship became more of a challenge. Staying proactive about building a personal relationship with clients is important. Realizing that not all clients want to be friends or are private is also important. Reading individuals is very important when you are managing clients that are valuable to a company. The following are ways to handle client entertainment in the digital age. 

Traditional Dinners And Nights Out Still Work

Taking clients out to dinner can be an enjoyable experience for you and your team as well. There will be some clients that are a blast to spend time with. Finding restaurants that are special to your area can be important. You do not want to take a client from Texas out to a steakhouse as their state has a number of the best steakhouses in the world. 

The importance of showing up on time or early cannot be stressed enough. Clients are going to value their time so you should ensure you are where you need to be. Communication is seamless in today’s world which can be very important when it comes to meeting with clients. 

Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual happy hours have become the norm for a number of companies that have a remote staff. Remote organizations are more prevalent than ever before. Returning to the office did not make sense for businesses that saw increases in productivity from the remote work model. Sending out gift codes for delivery services can allow everyone to have their drink of choice. 

Sending Local Specialties To Clients For Holidays

Sending something special to your area can be a nice touch when it comes to clients. While this is not exactly entertainment, these gestures on holidays or client anniversaries make a difference. Looking at the social media profiles or employee profiles on a client’s website can help generate gift ideas. You want to be the partner that they know for providing quality work and that is genuinely liked by staff. All companies have nightmare clients and partners so the thoughtfulness will be appreciated. 

Don’t Discount Getting On The Phone Or Meeting Regularly

Meeting with a  client regularly can be used to touch base or to reevaluate goals. Touching base is always going to be far more comfortable when you are providing quality work for the client. Keeping in communication with the client regularly is always important. You want to make sure the client knows where each of their projects are in terms of status and when they are expected to be finished. Meeting over Zoom can allow for face-to-face communication which can still allow you to get reads on body language. 

Client retention is always going to be important so client entertainment is essential in most industries. Take the time to make clients feel comfortable and valued to help retain their business.

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