How to Implement Technology into a Medical Office Lobby

A medical office lobby provides the first impression for patients who enter the facility. You want patients to feel comfortable and relaxed before they head in for an appointment. The atmosphere and decor can make a big difference in their impact on the office.

Along with the design aesthetic, learn how to implement modern technology into a medical office lobby and make some positive changes within the lobby. The pieces of technology will not only provide guests with comfort, but they can help make the process go smoother as well.

Check-In Kiosks

Eliminate the need for clipboards and papers when you provide digital access through check-in kiosks. Through kiosks, patients can check in, update personal information, and digitally sign screens as needed. You could have stand-alone kiosks near the front desk or provide wireless tablet options for guests who need to sit and fill out information like medical history. The kiosks will speed up the check-in process and eliminate a lot of busy work for your receptionists.

On-Screen Entertainment

While guests wait to get called in for their appointment, you can provide some on-screen entertainment with wall-mounted televisions. Consider the use of multiple televisions around the medical office lobby so guests have a vantage point from every direction. While you may have one main television that emits sound, others may provide different forms of entertainment.

For example, in the medical office of an optometry business, television displays could display a lot of informational graphics. This could include details about specific glasses, eye health, or tips for better eye care. Patients will be drawn naturally to the screens and learn a wide range of details directly associated with your medical office.

Cell Charging Stations and Wi-Fi Access

One of the easiest ways to provide guests with a little convenience is through built-in cell charging stations positioned around the lobby. A charging station will include dangling cords where guests can easily plug in devices. The cords will include different connection points like a USB-C connection or a lightning cable.

You could also supply free Wi-Fi access for guests who wait. Signs with Wi-Fi login information will make it easy for guests to connect. While they wait, they can browse their apps and use their phones to happily pass the time without using too much data.

Updated Wait Time Boards

For really busy offices, you can keep guests informed with a wait time board. The board can feature the first name or initials of patients who are waiting to be seen. The board could feature up-to-date wait times and give patients an ideal estimate of when they will be seen.

The wait time boards are also ideal for medical offices that take walk-in guests. As each guest arrives, they can track the progress without the need to get up and check with the front desk. In some cases, you can have a wait time board that displays information on one side and showcases content on the opposite side to provide even more entertainment options.

Consider one or more of these elements as you optimize your medical office lobby with the latest technology.

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