Samsung Galaxy Isn’t Just A Cheaper iPhone – Here’s Why

Just like the feud between Apple and Windows fans, there’s a similar feud between Samsung Galaxy fans and Apple iPhone fans. For those looking in on the outside, it might seem like people just love the Galaxy phones because they’re cheaper imitations of the iPhone, but there’s far more to the story.

Most die-hard Apple fans won’t even consider using a Galaxy, even if it was free. They like what they like. And the same is true for die-hard Galaxy fans – you couldn’t pay some of them to use an iPhone. However, many people have discovered the Galaxy lineup when searching for a more affordable smartphone. They initially came for the price and stayed for the features and user experience.

Samsung Galaxy is an entirely different user experience

Although nearly all tablets and smartphones offer the same general experience, they have entirely different user environments. Some of the features have become standard over the years for both companies, but the look and feel is different. It’s everything from the size and shape of icons to the haptic feedback and even the early swipe-to-text feature that made Galaxy so popular.

Apple didn’t introduce the swipe-to-text feature until iOS 13, and even then, it wasn’t that great. People noticed immediately that the system added unnecessary apostrophes to plural words. It also applied autocorrect to words long after additional words had been typed, changing a correct word into an incorrect word. This drove a lot of people back to Samsung.

While Apple makes amazing devices, their devices tend to have more ongoing bugs than Samsung, and sometimes those bugs persist for years, creating long-term frustration for many users. That’s not to say Samsung devices are flawless. Every device has its flaws, but Apple has a reputation for not fixing bugs promptly. Some people don’t mind, but they have lost customers over long-standing bugs in core features.

Another thing that makes Galaxy phones easier to use is the existence of punctuation on the main keyboard. With Apple’s iPhone, you have to tap the ‘123’ button just to access basic, standard punctuation. It’s not efficient. And for people who value efficiency over fancy features, that’s a deal-breaker.

Not everyone cares about having an Apple ecosystem

With Apple devices, everything can be seamlessly connected through the cloud and you can easily send files between devices with just a couple of taps. This is a main selling point for Apple, and it’s often one of the features that turns people into customers. However, not everyone cares about connecting all of their devices like this.

For the most part, Samsung Galaxy fans are happy to have their smartphone and don’t need much more. Like anyone else, when they buy the newest model, like the Galaxy S24, they’ll invest in a durable phone case and a screen protector and call it a day.

There is an Android app ecosystem for those who want options, and the best part is that it’s very open, which is the opposite of Apple’s closed system. It takes a lot of time and money to get apps approved for Apple’s app store, while Android developers can get their apps out to the public much faster and with less oversight. Sometimes this means bad apps end up in the marketplace, but that’s the price you pay for freedom.

Samsung is pretty well-connected

Those who prefer Samsung over Apple can still create a connected home if that’s what they want. Samsung is actually a smart device brand and not just a smartphone brand. The company also makes smart televisions, tablets, wearables, and home appliances that can all be connected.

Galaxy smartphones have longer battery lives

Compared to iPhones, Galaxy devices tend to have longer battery life. That’s because they don’t run so many apps in the background automatically, apps are easier to kill, and you can uninstall the apps you don’t want to use.

Samsung offers more affordable options

Samsung might just be the only smartphone maker to release “Fan Edition” products. What’s cool about this is that the Fan Edition devices still have great features, but come at a lower price than their flagship devices. If you’re not looking for something top-of-the-line, you can have your needs met with one of these devices. Unlike Apple, where if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a tablet, you have to find a used or refurbished, older iPad.

Apple doesn’t offer affordable versions of their devices for a lower price. Technically, there are several models available, but the base price for all of them is beyond many people’s budget. With Samsung, that’s not the case.

Samsung isn’t perfect, but for many, it’s home

Of course, Samsung isn’t a perfect company, but no brand is ever going to provide the perfect experience for all users all the time. Every new release will have bugs, flaws, and inconveniences that were overlooked in the development process. Sometimes those flaws are known but ignored because of time constraints. 

In general, fans of a given device have a high tolerance level for mistakes and bugs. Loyal fans are understanding and value the extensive time and effort made by the brands they love, even when it’s not perfect right out of the gate.

Apple isn’t a bad company, either. Samsung and Apple are just two different smartphone manufacturers who create devices that have similar, but different operating systems, user interfaces, and user experiences. There really is something for everyone, and that applies to smartphones like anything else. There will always be people who prefer one over the other based on personal preferences. 

If you look hard enough, you’ll find people complaining about every company and every device ever created by man. It’s unavoidable. Loyal fans don’t expect perfection. Samsung fans are loyal because they prefer the user experience and the company makes good devices. They understand that the brands they love are constantly innovating and growing, and are happy to overlook minor issues and mistakes because that’s just part of how a company grows.

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