Seeking Success? Try Sleeping More

There are many proposed keys to success. Determination, personality, persistence, hard work ethic, and ingenuity are a few of the many tokens that leaders list. Now, there’s a new key emerging as the unlocker of success and the materialization of dreams: sleep.

The benefits of good sleep, as a foundation for success, are many. As a start, it improves memory, which is beneficial both for daily activities and for highly intellectual endeavors. Adequate sleep improves problem-solving skills as well as creativity and ingenuity. Third, quality sleep provides longevity to good habits; healthy habits we practice now support our well-being for a longer period of time. Lastly, sleep supports performance and productivity, contributing to any career and enhancing responsibilities.

Improving sleep hygiene improves rest with an enhanced quality of sleep. This can be done by decreasing alcohol consumption, reducing exposure to blue light, increasing exercise, washing your sheets more frequently, terminating all-nighters, and investing in a more comfortable mattress among other healthy habits.

 Investing in good sleep habits, following a wind-down routine, having a quiet room that is free of clutter, and enhancing other healthy habits will lead to better sleep and, ultimately, to a more fulfilled life and a better wellbeing.

why the rich and successful get a full night of sleep

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