Upgraded Industrial Marketing

In virtually every industry, modern marketing is becoming more and more interactive for consumers. Increasingly, individuals are in control of the kinds of things they want to see, and we’re able to virtually manipulate products to our individual interests. Unfortunately, this marketing trend hasn’t quite caught on in industrial settings, but marketing strategists believe this needs to change sooner rather than later. 

Business to business marketing is certainly a specialty different from business to consumer, but industrial marketing is even more complex. It is the marketing of products and components that are behind the scenes of manufacturing end products. Additionally, the buyers are typically very knowledgeable and sellers often do not have contact with decision makers – which can still take years.

Updating industrial marketing requires accessibility to data and product information, and the use of AI. Purchasing engineers need to be able to easily access information such as dimensions, materials, RPMs, tolerances, frequency, etc. Industrial marketers also need user friendly websites containing product videos, articles, white papers, webinars, and 3D CAD model downloads. 

Availability of component data and CAD models can give engineers the ability to configure the parts they need, and even view 3D previews of products. These changes make the industrial buying process simple and accessible to meet the demands of the modern industrial consumer.

Industrial Marketing

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