Tips to Secure Your Home Office IT Environment from Hackers, Ransomware, and Data Loss

National Organize Your Home Office Day

March 14 Is National Organize Your Home Office Day. Have You Thought About Organizing Your Home IT Systems? In today’s world, where technology is integral to our daily lives, working from home has become the new normal. Many individuals have set up their home offices, but with this convenience comes the risk of hackers, ransomware, … Read more

The Role of Smart Devices in our Homes

As modern technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, it can be increasingly found in our homes. Today, 7 in 10 US households now own smart devices, and 18% own 2 or more. The most used smart device categories in the US are appliances, lighting, usage monitors, security and entertainment. However, with over 175 million … Read more

Student Basic Needs

Many students struggle with meeting their needs for food, housing, and other basic necessities, forcing them to choose between their educational goals and paying their bills. In fact, about three in five college students in 2020 experienced basic needs insecurity as they lacked access to stable sources of shelter, food, and other essentials. Students of … Read more