3 Interesting Ways to Use Technology to Help Alter a Garment

Indications are that clothes shoppers are looking for garments that they can wear for years. Discardable clothing is losing popularity and those in need of new garments are often in need of a bit of alteration to get the perfect fit for a garment that will last.

1- Three-Dimensional Fitting Options

If you’ve ever worked with old-fashioned two-dimensional patterns, you know how hard it can be to get a garment to fit well on a three-dimensional person. Modern technology is making it much easier to get an approximation of fit before you start to finish the seams.

Those who need a bridal gown fitting done may find the perfect gown in a different city, get it altered at their destination, and step directly into the gown for a last look thanks to virtual fitting tools.

Creating the three-dimensional model of the bride or the bridesmaids may be done at a local dress shop or even in the comfort of their own home. No matter where the wedding will ultimately be, you can take a lot of the stress out of the wedding planning process with three-dimensional modeling and remote fittings.

2- Virtual Fittings

Once the garment goes to the intended wearer, it’s possible to use a webcam to manage measurements. Another alteration professional can assist in tracking the dimensions of a hem, a sleeve length, or a jacket finish.

The virtual dress form can be paired with a virtual pattern. If you’re an odd size or are trying to re-make a document that is designed for someone of a vastly different height, a virtual deconstruction of the components of the garment may be the simplest way to make sure that your final fitting is spot-on.

3- Fabric Flexibility

In the world of tailoring for previous generations, fabrics were fairly solid. If you wanted a garment with some stretch, it generally wasn’t a piece that would be carefully tailored. Now, thanks to custom fabrics for different applications and virtual pattern work, fabrics with high-tech features and high-stress tolerances can be tailored for a variety of uses.

Perhaps you’re working with a product line that is specific to athletes. Competitive swimmers need a garment that will fit close to the body, and this detailed personal fit is highly specific to their body in motion.

Modern alteration tools, through a virtual pattern deconstruction, can incorporate features of fabric that are designed to fit very closely. Once you have the details on the physique of the competitor you’re working to dress effectively, you’ll be able to incorporate information on the stretching power of the fabric you’re working with to create a fit that is specific to the athlete.

Portable Alteration Work

Technology is also making it much easier for tailors to offer in-home options. Once your three-dimensional image is loaded into the system of the alterations professional, they can bring all the tools needed to tackle alterations in the comfort of your home.

Disposable garment habits are contributing to an environmental crisis in many areas of the world. If you’re ready to invest in a wardrobe that won’t contribute to landfill crowding, find a skilled alteration specialist and find out what tools they can offer for easy garment alterations.

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