6 Smart Ideas for Using Technology to Keep a Move Organized

A move issues forth an opportunity to start anew. Whether it’s across the city or hundreds of miles away, there’s always a lot of potential when you first move into a new home. Today, technology can make every part of the move a little easier, from getting everything packed to ensuring it’s all set up properly in the new home.

1- Create a Digital Checklist

Moves are often more complex than they first appear, and a lot has to get done. To keep track of it all, look at checklist apps. Create a checklist for each part of the move and be as detailed as possible. Add tasks like comparing moving companies or packing. As tasks are finished, they can be checked off. This makes it easy to see what’s done and what’s left to do even if you aren’t home.

2- Fast and Easy Inventory

Creating an inventory of everything that has to be moved has never been easier. Take photos and videos of the home to have a photographic record of everything you own. If an itemized inventory is needed, it’s easy to do this room by room and include everything in one list. Apps and computer programs are available to make this task even easier.

3- Backup Everything

Personal and business paperwork often has to be kept for years. But, paperwork can easily be lost or damaged during a move. To avoid this, start digitizing paper documents that can’t be thrown out. Even if the physical copies are kept, there will be a digital backup if anything happens. It is recommended to use a backup drive and the cloud to have multiple copies if anything fails.

4- Clear Unwanted Belongings

A move is the perfect time to declutter and remove belongings you don’t need anymore. There’s no need to move items you don’t want. Instead, use apps and social media to sell belongings in good shape and usable condition. Check out local buy-nothing groups, too. You can post items for free and people who need or want them can come pick them up.

5- Layout Plans Before You Arrive

There’s nothing like having a blank palette to play with when you move into a new home. Would the sofa look better against one wall or the other? Where should the TV go? It’s hard to answer these questions before you’ve moved in, but you won’t want to push around heavy furniture to figure out where it should go. Instead, use augmented reality and photos of the new home to see how your furniture will look. Create the perfect layout before you move in.

6- Track Your Belongings

While there shouldn’t be any concern if you’ve found the right mover, you may still be worried. GPS technologies can put you at ease. Follow along with your belongings to see where they are every step of the way. You’ll always know where they are and can see when they will arrive.

Moving can be stressful, but technology can help. Apps, websites, services, and more can help make the entire process easier and allow you to move into your new home without issues. Consider the suggestions here to see what will help the most with your upcoming move.

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