4 Tips for Staying Organized Digitally

Every once in a while, people find themselves with a huge clutter on their emails, desktops, and phones. Decluttering can make things easier and more organized if you spare some time to work on them, so here are four ways you can stay digitally organized.

1.    Label Emails Using Filters

Email is an essential business and personal communication tool, but it can be a challenge having a pile of messages constantly streaming into your inbox. To use email service to its full potential, you need to find a way of organizing your mailbox. Start by simplifying the folder structure of your mailbox. This includes creating appropriate folders for the different emails you get.

Instead of turning your inbox into a diary, schedule emails with tasks into an “action” folder. You can also have emails with people you often interact with on a separate “access often” folder. The emails you rarely access can be on a “seldom access” folder, while those you’ve delegated can be on a “waiting for” folder.

Since it is impossible to stop incoming emails, you can decide to have rules for each. The rules are email filters that allow you to clean up the mailbox automatically while organizing the emails into groups. It may feel a bit tough to set up the filters but once done, you can surely achieve inbox zero.

2.    Hide the Paper Trails

Personal and business documents kept in paper form can easily get misplaced, torn, or damaged. Converting important documents into digital formats is a good way of storing them. Businesses also need to store documents digitally because it is easier to locate them instead of keeping them in hired storage spaces. While businesses are at different levels of digital maturity, many seem hesitant because of some factors.

Other than being time-consuming, companies also do not want to deal with data breaches. The cloud computing industry has become even more secure, and digital protection is fast becoming better than physical. Leveraging on secure cloud-based infrastructure for storage is, therefore, the best way of storing data in the future.

3.    Disconnect Unnecessary Services

More often than not, people have apps, newsletters, and other services they no longer need. They clutter computers and mobile devices and are easily forgotten when no longer in use. Every once in a while, go through your computer or phone to find such applications or even newsletters you no longer then uninstall or unsubscribe.

After uninstalling such applications, clear any leftover files that may still be on your device. Look for the setting that displays all the services connected to your email to ensure that you no longer receive unwanted mail.

Having one to-do list and one calendar is enough to stay organized and productive. There’s no need to have many productivity apps that only make you busy trying to handle them rather than doing more meaningful things.

4.    Organize Digital Images

Due to the emergence of mobile devices with powerful digital cameras, people are taking pictures now more than ever. This has resulted in mobile devices being clogged with tons of photos that take up a lot of phone space.

You can start by transferring those photos from any of your devices onto your computer monthly. If you wait for long to transfer them, the task may become overbearing. Organize the photos you’ve transferred to your computer for easier access in the future.

Thereafter, you can store the photos in cloud storage, and you can add filters or crop them. Ensure that you’re working on the copy and not the original while in the cloud. Backing up photos in the cloud makes it easier to access from any location as you only need an internet connection.

Get Organized Digitally

Staying organized digitally is a sure way of increasing productivity and strengthening the brand of your business. There are tons of applications that one can use to stay organized and if you use a VoIP business phone service, make sure you choose the best VoIP phone service to enhance your business communications and use cloud storage for important documents and digital photos. Take advantage of such important technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

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