5 Best FPS Gaming Mouses 2020 – Pro Gamer Choice

Shoot shot !!!!!!!!…… Game Is Over….. oh no I was in the last stage. I am just a split second late. These are normal comments you pass when you lose a game. Do you really think that the game was over because of your laziness? That might be the reason. But every gamer has the ability to take timely actions to down the opponent. Now, it’s up to you to increase your gaming ability or look upon your armors you have to make them able to compete in an environment when you really need it. A high-resolution display screen, a Gaming keyboard, a well-rounded Best FPS Gaming Mouses, and a powerful CPU.

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1Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse
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2SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse
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3Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. Pro S3

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4ROCCAT KONE Aimo Gaming Mouse

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5Unimouse With Advanced Features
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In this article, we will bring the five best FPS Gaming Mouses 2020 that you will love to owe for your gaming passion. But before going to the main portion of the article let me explain to you a few things that might help you in selecting an FPS mouse that will suit your gaming style.

  • Dot Per Inch (DPI) plays an important role in the sensitivity of an FPS gaming mouse. Anything between 8000 DPI to 16000 DPI is considered a good mouse gaming.
  • The shape of the mouse is another factor that plays an important role in playing a game with a lot of ease and comfort. The shape is important because different gamers have their own hand size. Some have big hands and some have small so always look for a mouse that suits your hand size.
  • Another factor that is important for gamers to watch closely while selecting an FPS Gaming is the holding of the mouse. There are three basic holding positions; Fingertip Grip, Palm Grip, and Claw Grip. So go for that which suits you the best.
  • Always look for an Optical Sensor FPS mouse though the Laser sensor also produces good results.
  • Buttons also play a key role in controlling the game. There are plenty of FPS mouses that offers a different number of buttons.

Now, it is time to jump into the business part of the article. We have brought you the best possible FPS Gaming Mouse that will add new dimensions to your game. What are the criteria to choose the best among the tons of available mice around the globe? So, for that purpose, we have a few perimeters that will also you to choose the best mice to enhance your ability to play.

1. Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse – An FPS Mouse With 12000 DPI

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Are you looking for something stylish then this is the best one to select? The shape of the mouse is very stylish that has got many buttons which make it more attractive and demanding. The mouse is suitable for FPS, MOBA and MMO games but in this passage, we will show its ability for the FPS games. Let’s jump into the main features of the mouse to make your decision easier whether to buy it or leave it.

The mouse has got three basic parts, the Joystick, Gamepad, and Mouse. The design of the mouse is made such that it allows the user to Pivot, Tilt, and Roll. There are 13 programmable that buttons enable the user to control the game in a better way. 8 of them are normal buttons and the rest of the buttons are having special sensors. The sensors buttons take your game to the next level. This is the most important feature that senses how deeply you click. These 5 pressure sensor buttons are fully customizable. Each button has three pressure 3 pressure levels available.

It is very easy to use that allows you to customize your gaming style. The programmable software of the mouse allows you to create a perfect game profile. Modification is very easy due to the availability of images of different accessories and images in the box. It shows how can you change the shape of the mouse by using the buttons in different ways.

  • 5 pressure sensors buttons
  • Stylish in design
  • Easy to customize
  • Programmable software
  • Sensitive for hard clicking
  • Pressure levels for per buttons
  • Modification is easy
  • The first mouse allows a user to Pivot, Tilt, and Roll
  • An Expensive Mouse
  • A bit heavy carrying all those buttons

2. SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse

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This is also an expensive mouse that still quite affordable than the previous one. It gives the gamer a real-time information to response quickly. The features that distinguishes the SteelSeries Rival 700 form the other are given below.

It is equipped with a high-end Optical sensor that ensures the best results. Laser mice are also quite capable of producing outstanding results but optical has taken the performance of the mice to the next level. The mouse has tactile alerts that timely inform the gamer to take appropriate action. The important thing about it is that no two alerts are identical that provide the user with full control.  There is a vibration alert that will produce sudden vibrations when some damage is done to you. This feature is very cool because of it timely aware of the gamer to avoid further damage.

The shape is designed in such a way that it is good for both claw grip and palm grip. Another cool feature that might attract your attention a lot is the interchangeable top surface for a different look. You can easily change it to a Glassy version, Metallic version, and Rubberized version. So, if you are looking for an FPS mouse with high-end features and at relatively cost then this is the best choice for you.

The 16000 CPI will give full control over the game and the Optical TrueMove3 Optical sensor will provide the sensitiveness to the mouse.

  • High-end DPI of 16000
  • Top-class optical sensor
  • Tactile alerts
  • Vibration alerts
  • Good for claw and palm grip
  • Top surface is easy to change
  • Pricy
  • A bit heavy

3. Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. Pro S3 FPS Gaming Mouse

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Let you move toward something more expensive. But before that, let me tell you that the design of the mouse is awesome. If you have a habit of having a stylish mouse then is what you are looking for. Some of the main features of the mouse are given below.

The 16000 DPI is there to make the mouse sensitivity. The revolutionary Scroll Wheel is using optical technology and analog capability of the mouse enhances your game to the next level. Through the scroll wheel, you can easily control the tension and the speed of the player. The mouse is packed with dual RBG Illumination Zones. You can also handle the effects of the LED Light by preset themes. The durability of the mouse is also outstanding as it can last for 50 million clicks. 10 programmable buttons are there to give you full control over the game and also help out the player to make timely movements.

The adjustability of the mouse to different rest positions is outstanding. You can easily adjust to any rest position that suits your game style whether it is palm grip, claw grip, or finger-tip.

The Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor provides the mouse with a gigantic speed up to 400 inches per second and 50G of acceleration. This makes all snap shot reflexes and fast-tracking movements very fast. This is very crucial for the game because a slight delay might cost you a game.

  • The design is awesome
  • High-end DPI of 16000 capacity
  • Powerful optical sensor
  • Revolutionary scroll wheel
  • Two RBG Illumination Zone
  • Long-lasting life
  • A Bit Heavy
  • Not Suitable For Normal Mouse User

4. ROCCAT KONE Aimo Gaming Mouse

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This is one of the latest FPS Gaming Mouse that is packed with stunning features. Plenty of programmable buttons, top-class sensors, and tons of other features that make the mouse a desirable choice for the most. Let’s go deep into the details of the mouse that will make your decision easier whether to go for it or leave it.

The mouse is packed with 12000 DPI capacities that range from 100 to 12000 and can be adjusted according to your own choice. It features that Features the OWL-EYE Optical sensor. The optical sensor is more powerful than the laser sensor that will provide the gamer with better control and feels the gamer as if he plays in a natural environment.

The AIMO lighting system enhances the playing capability of the gamer by producing a pleasing visual combination that enables the user to take timely actions. This next-generation lighting system will bring your game to life.

12 programmable buttons make the game easier to control. The tons of buttons have tons of functions to perform. Easy-Shift[+] button technology actually doubles the capability of the buttons. It means that 12 buttons will be functioning like 24 buttons that will expand your arsenal a great deal.

The tri-button thumb zone and the 4D tilting is there to get full command over the game. The built-in 32-bit memory allows you to store different things that can help you out in playing the game.

  • 12 programmable buttons
  • Easy-Shift[+] button technology to enhance the functioning of the keys
  • 32-bit built-in memory
  • AIMO lighting system is the best lighting system for the FPS mice.
  • High-end sensor
  • 12000 DPI
  • Tons of buttons are a bit confusing sometimes

5. Unimouse With Advanced Features

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Are you fed up from your old and won’t change it with something stunning then this is the mouse you are looking for. Or you have a problem with gripping any mouse that fits in your hand comfortably. In that case, I will still recommend the same mouse to go and check it out. The features are awesome especially its adjustability to any kind of hands whether it is big or small. Now let’s jump into the business part of the features.

What is the cool thing about the mouse? Can you guess? Well, let me tell you that the feature which makes the mouse a go-to choice is Body-Tilt technology. With the help of this technology, you can adjust your mouse to an angle that is most suitable for you. The angle ranges from 35 degrees to 70 degrees. That is something awesome about the mouse. So now this the time to get rid of all flat and tall mice that might annoy you.

The mouse is packed with a dedicated cursor speed adjustment that allows the user to adjust the speed of the cursor as he wishes. There is a Thumb-rest for your thumb to play its role in the game. The Thumb role is also movable so you can adjust it where it is comfortable for you. Above the Thumb-rest there are two keys that are used for a forward and backward purposes. The total numbers of programmable keys are 6. It features Optical IR Sensor which means that the sensitivity of the mouse will be awesome. The DPI is on the lower side that is 2800.

  • Mind-blowing body tilt technology
  • Cursor speed adjustment
  • Moving thumb rest
  • Different Shape And grip from usual mouses

Final Words

We have covered almost all the features that can lead to making a decision whether to buy it or check some other FPS Mice that suit your playing style. In this article, we have talked about the main features of the 5 best available mice in the market. These are our collection and you can totally disagree with us but if you want to have mice that can provide you with the best gaming facilities then the above mentioned FPS Gaming mice might be good for choosing one of them. All the above mice have got good reputation among gamers and you also need to check the ratings and reviews about these mice. Every mouse has its own distinguishing features that cannot be ignored. If you think that this article has helped you in selecting the mouse you were looking then please do not forget to leave a comment.

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