5 Stationery Items to Upgrade Your Workspace in 2021

No matter how much you love your job, returning to the same tired workstation day after day can take its toll on your drive and productivity. Or maybe you are trying to start a new business, and want to start getting your motivation some momentum. Whatever the case, having a healthy, motivational workspace is key to success.

Numerous studies support the idea that our work environment can strongly impact our well-being and performance in the office. One simple way to stave off the daily grind is to revitalize your workstation. So, when I want to boost my creativity and productivity, I head straight to a stationery shop near me.

Here’s a list of five pieces of stationery you need to brighten up your office.

1) Color-coordinated Basics

Many stationery stores now embrace aesthetics as readily as functionality. Gone are the days when your tape dispenser and stapler had to be a dull grey or brown. 

Choose a color that makes you smile or feel inspired (Pantone’s color of the year is “illuminating,” a vibrant yellow) and carry the color scheme throughout your desk space. It’s hard to feel uninspired with a lilac notepad!

2) Sticky Notes

We rely so heavily on screen time that the humble sticky note has become neglected. Sometimes shifting your attention to another medium (like paper) can trigger a burst of inspiration. 

Sticky notes have come a long way since basic yellow, with many stationery stores stocking vivid blues or pinks. If you’re a messy writer, never fear, as lined and dotted options are also now readily available. 

3) Colorful Highlighters

Used correctly, highlighters are an easy way to up your note-taking game and ensure you absorb the key points in your morning meeting. Yellow is stock standard, but for a gloriously aesthetic experience, why not splurge on a set of soft pastels? Using multiple colors doesn’t just engage the creative part of your brain, it can also help you organize the page and prioritize urgent tasks through color blocking.

4) A Planner

Sure, Outlook has its own calendar, but that won’t help you when you’re out of the office or the network crashes. 

A printed planner is a great way to keep track of vital meetings and deadlines on the go. Planners come in all shapes and sizes, so do a little research first to determine which design best fits your work style. For instance, a bullet journal may appeal to a serial planner, while a simple monthly calendar layout is better suited to a no-fuss kind of operator. 

5) A Portable Printer

While not exactly stationery, a portable printer had to make the list in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns always looming, you need to be ready to work from home in an instant. A portable printer is a fantastic tool that will let you print documents wirelessly from home or even your local library or café. Most models are very light-weight, which makes them a breeze to move at a minute’s notice.

We spend roughly half our waking hours at work throughout the week, so investing in a few attractive, well-designed pieces of stationery should be seen not as extravagant, but as a genuine investment in both our moods and our productivity. 

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