How to Safely Store Your Tech When Not in Use

In today’s digitally driven world, technological devices are released with surprising frequency. Every day something new comes to the market that we have to bring home to try out and play with. From laptops and cellphones to all of the cables that they require, it can quickly become an overwhelming scenario.

If you find yourself in the position of having more technology than you can handle using, you might want to have a storage option available to you. Before storing your technology in a storage unit, consider following a few of these simple precautions to keep your items safe and secured.

Simple Tips to Safely Store Technology

While there are plenty of storage solutions available, few options for technology beat the SecurCare Self Storage option. Self-storage solutions give individuals easy access to their possessions in a safely secured area. You can also go the extra mile and put them in a home safe within the unit. But before hauling your technology to your favorite self-storage solution, enact the following preparation tips.

1. Choose a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Before you lay down a deposit for your storage unit, consider picking a climate-controlled unit. No matter what technology you are stowing away, the odds are good that it will benefit from access to climate-controlled tech. Our favorite tech gadgets will suffer under intense heat, causing the plastic to warp and batters to degrade. As our electronic devices heat up, chemical reactions may begin to cause damage internally. Even humidity can even lead to internal issues with your favorite devices.

2. Clean Well & Use Original Packaging

The next time you purchase a new piece of tech, consider keeping the box for when you need to store it next time. Company-designed packaging is helpful for properly securing our items because that is what it was designed to do. Corporate packaging is meant to allow your item to survive the shipping process, so take advantage of these pre-made storage containers. The original packaging will make it easy to find specific items in your storage unit.

3. Remove All Battery Packs

Now for the most important tip on our list: take care of the battery packs attached to your electronics! Battery packs can suffer over time and particularly under stressful situations like intense heat or potential moisture. Unless you are frequently checking on your storage unit, it is better to prepare for the worst-case scenario ahead of time. Be sure to remove all battery packs before storing your devices. Secure your battery packs in a separate container near the original item.

4. Place Your Electronics In Back

When loading your storage unit, consider placing all of your technology in boxes at the back of the unit. This will prevent you from having to worry about your items falling over. In fact, placing the priciest items at the back of the storage unit will keep them far more protected overall. Be aware of how high you are stacking your items as well as how heavy they are.

At the end of the day, preventing potential damage will save us more than replacing broken property. Consider the tips we’ve outlined above when properly storing your technology next.

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