6 Ways to Use Technology to Help Create Apparel Designs

Apparel designs used to be exclusive to those experienced in the art industry. Recently, however, with the emergence and spread of computer technology, apparel design also became more accessible to everyone, regardless of artistic experience. Here are 6 ways technology can help you create apparel designs.

1. Find Apps to Create Art

Try to utilize an application for art creation. There are many apps available for art creation on computers and phones. Typically with such apps, you would use them to create drawings. Most people prefer to use a tablet with a stylus or connect a drawing pad to a computer. With these apps, you can experiment with different pen textures and mix colors at your will without needing to invest extra money, and all of these tools are provided to you without any hassle of cleaning them up.

2. Use Photographs for Imagery

If you don’t think you are very capable of drawing well, you can also look into using other’s creations to create new content. Using stock images from websites is a good way to start. By utilizing photo editing software, you can create patterns, images, or even sample apparel without being able to draw well. However, make sure that you ask permission from the original creators and give credit to them.

3. Consider AI Designs

Sometimes your creative flow comes to a halt, and you just can’t come up with anything interesting. The good news is that now you can experiment with Artificial-Intelligence aided designs. The recent surge of AI programs gave rise to many image generation algorithms, and they can generate an entire image or help you modify part of an image just from your text prompts. You can use one of those tools to enhance your creativity, but keep in mind that if you are working for someone else, they might prefer your original work.

4. Try 3D Renderings

After you have your designs, you can attempt to create a computer 3D rendering before you invest money in them. However, 3D renderings are much less accessible than image editing software, and making a realistic rendering requires great attention to detail. If producing your design takes a long time, then it may be a good idea to create a 3D model for your customers or investors.

5. Take Custom Orders

With internet technology, you can find companies that accept custom orders and help you create your apparel. For example, you can find a company making customized caps to accept your custom designs, produce your designs, and ship the final products to you. However, you should also note that these companies may have a minimum order requirement, meaning that you must order more than a certain amount for them to accept your custom order.

6. Sell Extra Items on Social Media

Having received your designs, you may want to sell the extra pieces of apparel. In this case, social media is a very powerful tool for you to advertise and sell your designs. You have the option to do it for free, but you can also pay the social media platforms to advertise your designs to people who are likely to buy them. You can even use this technology to start your own business in apparel design.

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