6 Interesting Ways Technology Can Help Improve a Fishing Trip

Fishing doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple pole, bait, and a net can provide all you need to catch fish, but technology can really help enhance the experience.

With some technology tools and upgrades, you can look at fishing in a whole new light, change up your routine, and help improve the way you fish. Learn about some of the interesting ways technology can help improve a fishing trip and consider some of the ideas for your next fishing adventures.

1. Map Tracking

When you venture out onto a pond, lake, or ocean, use a mapping app to keep track of your fishing. While out on the water, you can use pins to mark exact points on the app where you found success fishing. When you venture out onto the same body of water again, you can load up your map and go back to those same points. You could also share the map with some of your fishing buddies so they could try their luck in the same spots.

2. Fish Identification

If you catch a fish and are unsure of the species, then consider using a live photo identification app like the official Google app. Google will use identifying markers on the fish you catch to help identify the species and tell you exactly what you caught. Once you know the species, you can determine whether the fish is good for eating or if you should toss the fish back into the water.

3. Time-Lapse Video

Capture hands-free footage with a wearable camera that features a time-lapse recorder. Time-lapse footage will capture videos of the experience and speed them up to create a fun sped-up video of your fishing day. A hands-free camera offers the best way to capture the footage so you still have easy access to your pole or other fishing equipment. You can edit the time-lapse footage just to show the fish you caught throughout your fishing adventure.

4. Fish Finder Sonar Bobbers

If you are finding no fish on your recent trips, then you can try to take a peek under the water with the use of fish finder sonar bobbers. The small bobbers provide sonar tracking through connections to smartphones. You can see the depth of water and potential living things like fish. The bobbers will give you an ideal area to cast and try to catch fish.

5. Digital Scales

Find the exact weight of the fish you catch with the use of digital scales. A digital scale features a hook to hang the fish on and the weight will instantly load on the LED screen. Some of the more advanced scales can keep a history of fish weights so you can compare them.

6. Catch Log Apps

Use a general note-taking app or a fish log app to keep details of all the fish you catch. With your fish log, you will know exactly what fish you caught, and how many you caught on a specific trip. The log can also include details on what bait you used and where you caught the fish. The log is a fun way to look back on some of the big catches you made over the years.

Plan ahead to see which technology will most benefit you on your next fishing trip.

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