7 Ways to Use Technology to Help Maintain an Office Building

Unlike your apartment rooms, modern office buildings may be big and hard to manage. For most people, the best solution is to utilize technology. Here are seven ways to use technology to help maintain an office building.

1. Install a Surveillance System

To keep employers safe while also preventing possible theft, installing a surveillance system is almost always the best solution. Because office buildings are considered public spaces, you should make sure that the system covers every corner of the building except for bathrooms. This will not only provide you with evidence when possible theft or damage has occurred but also help you monitor your equipment.

2. Install a Smart Power Control System

Turning off unused devices when not in use may save a lot of wasted energy and money. There are several ways to apply this. The most important is to install WiFi-enabled switches to control devices such as lights or fans so that you can make sure that you can turn everything off at the end of the day with ease. You can also place switches sensitive to human presence to control lights, such as a sound-activated switch.

3. Establish a Shared Online Calendar

To avoid the office being too crowded, you can utilize a shared calendar with all the employees to determine work availability and allocate slots for visitors. A shared calendar allows everyone to see real-time changes and can also help express tasks and objectives in a visual manner.

4. Build a File Server

Building your own file server in the office building can give you many benefits. Files from employers can be stored on the server. The files are kept securely, and you get a better transfer speed. Your surveillance videos can also be locally stored on the office server. Recently, however, better transfer speeds and more secure online services also made online storage a valid option for file storage in the office.

5. Create Entry/Exit Logs

Being able to track the times when someone enters or exits the building can be very useful when you want to check the attendance of employees. Using a tracking system, the employers can either use their IDs or their smartphones to log entry or exit times. However, technologies such as facial recognition prevent employees from cheating through the logging system, and when combined with a surveillance system, it can be faster and more convenient than any traditional system.

6. Check the Exterior Appearance

Using drone footage, you should regularly check the exterior appearance of a building and make sure that no visible damage has been done. This prevents further damage to the building, thus damaging the structure of the building.

7. Schedule Regular Cleaning

Most importantly, you should make sure that the interior of the building is kept clean. Places such as the air duct can collect dust easily, which would harm the health of all employees in the building. You should always schedule professional cleaners to make sure that every corner of the building is clean and the office building is well maintained.

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