6 Ways to Use Technology to Help Elevate a Corporate Retreat

Used to build stronger teams, foster a sense of togetherness, and help employees relax while also defining goals and objectives, corporate retreats are becoming more and more important in today’s competitive business world. If you are in charge of planning your company’s next retreat and want it to be the best one ever, here are six ways you can use technology to make it happen.

1- Manage Scheduling

Needless to say, you don’t want any problems with your retreat’s scheduling. To make sure everyone shows up on time and knows exactly when and where events will be taking place, you can use scheduling software to make this task easy. To make it even easier, use software that also lets people download apps to their smartphones.

2- Find a Keynote Speaker

The best corporate retreats are those that feature dynamic, motivational, and informative keynote speakers. Since this can sometimes make or break a corporate retreat, search websites that feature speakers who are experts in many different areas. By doing so, you can be sure to land a speaker who will be remembered by the retreat’s attendees for all the right reasons.

3- Virtual Reality

Whether used to simulate the use of your company’s newest equipment or just for fun and games during breaks, using virtual reality technology will always be a big hit at a corporate retreat. Once you use this technology at a retreat, expect it to be popular each and every year.

4- Workshop Facilitation

Since you will have numerous workshops planned for your corporate retreat, use technology to make workshop facilitation easier and more effective. This can include allowing for online collaboration from people who may be attending remotely, using video technology that will allow workshops to be viewed 24/7, and allowing people who have different learning styles the chance to feel comfortable while participating.

5- Gain Constructive Feedback

Once your corporate retreat is done, you want and need honest feedback about what worked and what didn’t, how people felt about the workshops and recreation events that were part of the retreat and any ideas participants may have about what could make next year’s retreat even better. By using technology to allow people the chance to provide feedback anonymously, you can be sure of getting honest opinions, thoughts, and feelings that can be used when planning for next year.

6- Social Media and Networking

Finally, take full advantage of social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and the site formerly known as Twitter to help retreat attendees build networking relationships that can extend well past the retreat. Before you know it, your employees will be regularly communicating not only with employees within your company that they may see little of during the workday but also with people from other organizations who may be able to help your company with future growth.

As you discover the many ways technology can be used to make your corporate retreat better and better each year, it’s likely attendance will increase and participant enthusiasm will be through the roof.

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