A New Way of Protecting Personal Data: Healthcare NFTs

NFTs  (non fungible tokens) have been a hot topic for the past few months. An NFT is a unique token that cannot be duplicated, and has a publicly stated owner. They are used online to state ownership of art pieces, videos, and even data. 

With the rise in personal data breaches, the healthcare system has started using NFTs to secure patients’ data and information. The transition to this system can prevent instances of identity theft and fraud since NFTs are unique to the owner. Providers are able to ensure that the information they are getting is legitimate and there is less of a risk of receiving false data from third parties. Using NFTs not only ensures the added security and legitimacy of information, but it also gives patients more control over their own data. 

NFTs are a part of a blockchain application, and block chain applications are known for the amount of transparency they give to their users. Users are able to track their data, and are provided with a ledger of information so that there are no hidden aspects of what is going on behind the scenes. 

Healthcare providers are exploring the ways that NFTs can benefit their business as well as their providers, and it is apparent that there are many benefits. Are we ready to make the switch to more secure data?

Blockchain & The Future Of Medicine

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