Getting the Best Tech From Your Own Home

Are you trying to get the best gifts for the holidays this year by shopping early but still struggling to get the products you want?  There are actually several factors currently hindering your holiday shopping, including smaller holiday shopping windows, an increasingly short supply of the best gifts, and longer shipping times.  This is especially the case for the tech you want to buy.  Shipping containers being sent from Asia to the U.S. is costing nearly 14 times more than what it did two years ago, and Asia – U.S. air cargo rates have increased by 40% since the end of August this year.  Average shipping times have also risen to 73 days this year.  

Thankfully, you can still get the tech gadget you need for this holiday season just by looking around your own home.  Repairing used tech can be the ideal solution as it circumvents the supply chain issue, can be completed quickly, and save you money while adding years to your device’s lifespan.  Repairing rather than replacing used tech with a new one could actually save Americans more than $40 billion per year.  All it could take is repairing the charging port, replacing the hard drive, putting in a new battery, or restoring a broken screen, all of which could be done for much less and in less time compared to buying a brand new device.  

Why stress out over the holiday tech shopping when the best tech gift could already be in your own home?

Holiday Tech Shortages: Shopping Early Isn’t the Only Way to Win [infographic]

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