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Why do you need Best PC Gaming Chairs With Footrest for playing games in a relaxed and pleasant environment? You being a gamer know that playing games on the PC can take you hours to sit down at a particular place and play the game. It causes tiredness and fatigue that lead you to lose concentration and eventually leave the game in the middle of it causes you an undue defeat.

Avoiding these situations you need to have a comfortable chair with footrests that will help you in reducing the chances of fatigue and tiredness and will allow you to play in the best possible way to achieve the desired results. Here we have a list of Best PC Gaming Chairs for you to choose the best one for you.

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1. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Best Gaming Chair

This is the first pick of our list and the reason behind it is that you will get everything with an ergonomic chair that offers too much to its customer. Let’s have some of the top class features of the chair.

First of all, we will talk about the headrest and lumbar support. Both of them are very essential parts of the chair that are always underrated by most of the writers.

The headrest and lumbar support are easily removable. If you do not like having any of them you can easily get rid of that.

But remember it is there for a reason as the headrest allows you to watch the screen of your PC by resting your head on the head pillow that is good for getting rid of pulling neck muscles. It relaxes the neck muscles that increase the stemma of your game playing duration.

It can be easily adjusted through the holes if you want to relax the neck muscles. But if you want the pillow to be just under the head you can take it all over to the top.

It is a racing style gaming chair with many features at a reasonable price tag. The most important thing about the chair is that it will provide you with quality leather that will there to stand out in every condition.

The footrest is there to give you comfort while playing games for hours. These footrests allow the gamer to relax a bit by changing the foot position and place them over the footrest.

The footrest of this chair is not that good or I should say not much smooth as compare to the brands. Sometimes it stuck as it held by two rods underneath the base of the chair. But overall it’s a good feature to be considered.

The armrests are padded which means you will not feel that hard stuff while playing games. The only thing that you will not like about is that the armrests are static and cannot be adjusted.

So if you want to play a game by lowering position of the you will not have that facility.

But when inclined the back of the chair the armrests will definitely change their position which is not that much fruitful.

With the help of the liver and gas pipe a gamer adjust the height of the PC Gaming Chair. If you are short you can easily reduce the height of the chair. In case of tall gamer the chair has the ability increase the height at which the gamer feel comfortable.

The back of the chair recline up to 155 degrees that can be lock at any position. The high-back racing style gaming chair will with recline quality, padded armrests and quality footrest will allow the user to relax after playing for hours.

You can even take a nap after sitting for hours at the same position by the recline quality of the device with footrest.

The overall quality of the gaming chair is on the high. It has got padded parts with quality leather that will ensure durability and safety against back pain.

  • Stylish ergonomic design nBudget-friendlynFootrest for making the chair more comfortablenLumbar pillow reducing back pain and ensure comfortable sittingnPadded cushionsnCan lean back up to 155 degreesnTension bearablenHead pillow to relax neck muscles
  • Armrests are staticnThe footrest stuck sometimes

2. FICMAX Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair

This is one of the top lists best pc gaming chairs with footrest that will provide the user with everything that he wants. The design, material, structure and comfort, everything is on the high. Let’s right jump into it and explore whether the style design of the chair will suit or not.

Let’s talk about the material that is used in making of the chair. The complete metal structure is there to stay and bear up to 300 ponds that is enough and even a heavy built gaming user can use it.

The leather quality is also on the top. It uses PU leather. This leather is re-known for good quality. The PU leather last for long and more importantly, leather has the quality that it produces friction so that the user has got firm grip and do not slip or lost the position from where he wants to play the game.

Though it provides enough friction still, the leather does not stuck to your body so you will feel comfortable while playing games for ages.

The height of this gaming chair with the footrest can easily be adjusted by using the lever just under your right hand. So, lower the chair if you are short built or you can increase the height if you do not feel comfortable the normal height of the chair.

The recline it provides to user is ranging between 90 degrees to 180 degrees. You can easily rock back and play the game at a position where you feel comfortable.

But if you are tired and want to have a little break from the game then you can lean back all the way to 180 degrees and can take a nap to get relaxed for the next round.

The head pillow is adjustable and have two different positions to be fitted according to your liking. You can adjust it though the holes to support your neck or take it to the top of the chair to place under the head.

It relaxes the neck muscles and you will not feel tiredness even though play for several hours without any break.

The lumbar pillow is there to allow comfortable and relax sitting in the chair. Sitting for hours and playing games without noticing anything can cause back problems.

So back pain can be avoided by using this lumbar pillow that is also adjustable and you can use it anywhere you want form bottom to top according to comfort.

The footrests of the chair is provided for relaxation when you need it. If you are getting tired of hanging your feet from the chair then you can use this option.

The footrest will feel you more relax while you take a rest after playing for hours. It feels like a bed and will let you take a nap. 

The best gaming chair is having 2D adjustable armrests. This flexibility provides you with a choice whether to play with armrests at it high position or reduce the height by just touching a button.

This heavy-duty wheelbase gaming chair is packing an 8 inches thick cushion to provide comfort and relax sitting.

  • Heavy-duty materialnThe lumbar pillow is there to relax your backnA head pillow will assist you in relaxing your neck musclesn2D adjustable armrestsn8 inches padded cushionnHeavy-duty basenLean back up to 180 degrees
  • Footrest is a bit difficult to use

3. TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Chair Having Amazing Features

This is the next pick of our collection. Having outstanding features. The design is almost the same and will be there stay for long period of time.

The TOPSKY gaming chair is made of quality leather, PU. The leather is outstanding by providing the user a firm sitting and does not stick in to the body.

These features are amazing and can’t be achieved at the same time but the PU is making it possible providing the gamers a relax environment to play.

The chair has got high back of 31.5 inches to cover your entire body from hips to head. This feature will give a place to in the chair with comfort.

The footrest is there to be used if you want to play the game in more comfortable mood. All have to do is to drag the footrest that is attached to the chair with two rods and rest your feet

The wheelbase is very compact and the entire structure is made of metal that can bear anything around 300 Lbs. It shows that the base and the structure is made to stay.

The hydraulic mechanism of the chair will be there to adjust the height of the chair according to your own choice.

The chair the recline capacity up to 175 degrees. So, whatever you want to do with this amazing chair you can do it with ease. Play, relax or take a nap or rest for the entire day laying on the chair like a bed.

The armrests and the sitting area of the chair have got a thick cushion to feel no hard stuff while playing the game. Unlike the previous gaming, this one will not have the facility to adjust the height of the chair.

  • Heavy duty basenWeight capacity is up to 300 Lbsn175 degrees reclinenFootrest facility for comfortnPU quality leather
  • Static armrestsnA bit expensive

4. Furmax Racing Style Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Design With Attractive Features.

This is the fourth on our list. For most of the qualities and features you will find the Furmax is not that much different form the mentioned chairs. Let’s the main features of the chair.

The strong wheelbase and broad chair design is there to lift anything around 310 or above. It means that it is built for heavy loads. So there will be no fear of losing its shape or any break down.

This is one of the main differences that the other chairs a lacking a bit when it comes to bearing heavy loads.

The new designed chair of the company is packing a headrest that will provide comfort to the head and the neck if you will place it there.

The lumbar rest is there for comfort setting and getting rid of back pain. You can adjust the lumbar rest at any place where you feel comfortable.

It can allow you to rock back up to 180-degrees. So you can relax whenever you want to relax. You can lock it at any degree that is another facility that you can have with this machine.

If you are tired enough and want to have a nap just use rock the back of the chair to 180-degree and relax for a while.

The hydraulic mechanism of the chair is there to adjust the height of the chair according your own choice. Regarding height, the Furmax is good for both, short and tall gamers.

The chair is broad enough to accommodate any gamer. The resting part and footrest of the chair are padded enough that you feel comfortable while playing games or taking nap after play for hours.

  • Carry support for heavy loadsnComfortablenStylishnPacked with footrest, lumbar pillow and headrestnStrong basenHigh backnQuality material is used
  • No adjustable armrests

5. Merax Gaming Chair

Here we are at the final product of our listing, the super cumfy Merax Gaming chair. Let’s have a look at the features of the chair to make your decision easy.

The chair can easily bear load up to 300 ponds that is enough capacity for a gaming chair. This is possible because of the heavy duty wheelbase.

The wheelbase is strong enough that is made of metal to stay for a long period of time and provide best possible services.

The chair is packing a gas pipe that allows the user to adjust the height of according to its own choice where the gamer feel relax.

This gaming chair is a bit comfortable because it has got some extra cushion at the sitting area and footrest place. This extra will not get you tired that will allow you to play for hours.

The high back of the racing chair is there to last and having made of quality material to have vip settings.

The head pillow is there relax your head and heal the neck muscles allow you to play in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Lumbar pillow is adjustable so the gamer can easily change the position of the pillow. This is very lethal is it reduces the back pain you always.

The overall structure of the chair is outstanding and will be one of the most stylish chairs that you have ever experienced yet.

Here we will talk about the new addition of chairs and that is footrest. How it beneficial it for us and it will help us in approaching the game.

After having a look at the main features of the gaming chair, now let us have explain that adding footrests is just an addition for nothing or it has got fruitful functions.

  • Footrests allow you to set with the best posture

Achieving this posture is a bit difficult, especially when you are a bit short because you have to set at an angle with the screen that you could have a look at every single movement of the game.

There is a rule while playing a game to achieve the results.

The best posture is having your feet flat against the ground and your hips and knees must be at the same level and your head should be just above or in level of the screen.

  • Another benefit of the footrests is that allow the user to sit actively for a long period of time. Generally when you sit down for a long period of time it can cause serious health issues like back pain, blood circulation problems. The footrests solve these problems by adjusting your sitting problems regularly. It means that changing of foot positions is very easy due to the footrests.
  • The footrests of the chair reduce the back pressure that allow you to sit down for a long period of time without losing that much energy.

Final Words:

This is an informational blog and I hope you would have the information that you were looking for. The blog contain some basic features that are common in every Gaming PC Chairs With Footrests. You need to consider all the above features before buying a gaming chair. The article contains that how these chairs are weight bearable, how can you play tense games with relaxed posture. Footrests and lumbar pillow is there to provide the user a comfortable sitting environment.

If you like the article then please leave us a comment that will be like a fuel for us and will encourage us to bring more quality work.

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