Encrypted Traffic Is Getting Through Traditional Network Security

Encrypted traffic is proving that our ways of defending against cyberattacks aren’t holding up anymore. Ransomware and other digital threats are on the rise on a massive scale. In just the first half of 2022, over 230 million ransomware attacks occurred globally, with that number continuing to rise every year. Encrypted traffic brings extra challenges to the table that businesses and IT professionals around the world aren’t confident handling. Many IT professionals don’t have awareness of every communication across an entire network, lack the tools they need to secure against encrypted traffic threats, and are unable to gather insight from encrypted threats. With over 90% of malware arriving over encrypted connections and over 90% of all internet traffic being encrypted, businesses need a solution that is easier to implement into their networks.

Network detection and response platforms, or NDR platforms, don’t add complexity, latency, or as much cost to systems as they don’t need to decrypt data to detect threats. This is accomplished with the use of AI, which scans behavior patterns and builds a fingerprint of your network, comparing incoming and outgoing data to it to detect anomalies.

Learn more about how NDR systems work and how they can protect your network today here.

What is Network Detection & Response?
Source: Live Action

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