Going Up in Smoke: Changes to Federal and Local Marijuana Legislation

It is 2023, and almost half of US states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. In fact, there are only two states in which the use of CBD or marijuana is completely outlawed. The nation in general is warming up to the idea of legal cannabis, as nearly 60% of people surveyed support both medical and recreational use of the substance. Tech advances are also coming.

On a state by state basis, Idaho and Nebraska are the only two states where no form of cannabis is legal. In all 48 other states, either marijuana is legal recreationally, medically, or only CBD is legal. CBD, however, is legal under certain circumstances in every state. It is fully legal in 17 states, and conditionally legal in the other 33.

Many experts believe that the winds of change for marijuana usage are not far away. Deputy director of NORML, Paul Armentano, and Board Member of BOWL PAC, Tyler McFadden weigh in on this debate, saying that they “expect that [legalization] trend to continue in 2023” and that “as long as we are doing something about it now, we’ll reach it faster.” 

These predictions are proving to be accurate, as changes in states like Ohio, Oklahoma, and New Hampshire are set to become reality by 2030. Federal regulations are shifting as well, with more than 50 federal bills surrounding marijuana usage being introduced in 2022. The bottom line is that current prohibitive legislation is going up in smoke, literally, and many are beginning to see these changes become a reality.

Cannabis Legislation by State
Source: BestCBDOils.org

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