Helping AI Unlock Its Potential Using the Human Element

AI is being used more and more in our lives with funding for new AI startups increasing 3 times over the past ten years. Globally the biggest countries already have many businesses exploring or using AI, such as Canada and China. Many of us believe that AI will change several aspects of our lives significantly in the near future, including education and transportation. The success and interest generated by the launch of ChatGPT has added to this sentiment. 

However, AI is still nowhere near perfect with several AI technologies having made costly mistakes in recent years that wouldn’t be issues if AI could use human intelligence as well as our ability to be creative and empathetic. So although some AI can pass as humans intellectually in the Turing Test, no AI can pass as full humans due to their inability to produce something that is unexplainable by its creators. Thus, leaders such as Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak are against the further development of AI until the process can be properly planned and managed as advanced AI can have a profound impact on our lives on Earth. 

If AI is curated with the right guidance from humans, it could finish tasks much quicker while gaining abilities like making moral decisions and using the power of common sense when deciding on actions. AI can benefit a lot if they learn how to be creative and adaptive like us as the technology is intrinsically motiveless. With proper human interaction, we could make better use of AI in the future.

What AI Needs To Learn From Humans
Source: Academic Influence

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