Is Your Company Prepared for the Factory of the Future

Manufacturing is a constantly evolving industry where organizations have to continuously adapt to changes.  Events like pandemics, environmental disasters, and geopolitical unrest have significant impacts on global supply chains that can cause several problems for manufacturers. These can include rapid shifts in demand, delivery delays, and uncertainty within the industry.  However, today’s digital technology can help solve some of these issues while increasing manufacturing sustainability by reevaluating the manufacturing, production, and distribution processes. 

Developing the factory of the future means transforming manufacturing by sharing data and connecting technology.  Using smart factory technology such as industrial IoT and cloud software with a versatile workforce, scalable production, and adaptable technology will allow the factory of the future connect information across the product life cycle.  Building a digital factory can also optimize the workforce, reduce costs, and improve the quality of the manufactured products. 

Although there are several benefits for creating the factory of the future, transformation could be tough if you don’t have the proper internal skills to generate practicable digital solutions.  In 2018, only 12% of companies developed a mature factory of the future plan.  In order to succeed, you have to be able to consider next steps, changing trends, progress metrics, and developing processes that reduce organizational silos. It is also helpful to find a partner who can support you throughout your transformation journey.

Factory of the Future

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