The Cost of Replacing Your Phone

Nothing is more frustrating than when your phone falls and the screen breaks, or the battery starts dying every few hours when off the charger. With new smartphones costing close to $1000 no longer are the days where simply buying a new phone every time damage occurs is feasible. In the U.S. two smartphone screens are cracked every second equaling 29.8 billion in electronic devices. Instead of spending hundreds on a new phone when this happens, choosing to have your phone repaired not only saves you money but also comes with some great benefits. 

Repairing your phone reduces emissions and e-waste which in turn will help lower greenhouse gas emissions from factories as fewer devices will need to be manufactured. Manufacturing and even recycling require more energy than just repairing a phone making this a smart energy-saving move. Resources that are acquired by mining for new raw materials are also reduced. Not only this but repairing your device also presents a lot of convenience in not having to transfer files and data or adjust settings and learn a new device. 

In the end, choosing to not buy that $1000 phone after a break and having it repaired could save you tons of money every year. Not only this but this decision helps save our earth and benefits the environment. Which cost are you willing to pay?

A Look at the Phone Repair Economy

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