Lithium’s Unique Role

In a business world so deeply connected, just about everything has value. Many resources have very conditional value, and some a more undeniable value. Lithium falls into an interesting middle ground. It is essential to how the world currently operates, but only to how the world currently is. Lithium is used in scientific processes, for various industrial uses, and most importantly in batteries. 

Today lithium is steadily rising both in value and in demand. This is due almost exclusively to the increased demand of batteries. Lithium batteries are not all encompassing, there are nickel batteries and acid batteries, but lithium is unique. This is because lithium batteries don’t deteriorate in the same way others do. They last longer, are more efficient, and require far less maintenance to work effectively. 

This gives lithium batteries an attribute most energy sources lack, ease of use. While clean energy sources like nuclear, wind, solar, and water take a lot of time and money. Lithium batteries are easy to produce and incredibly effective. Lithium batteries are used for energy storage, in phones, and in electric cars. These are all growing in scope constantly. Electric cars in particular are on an insane upswing and are single handedly driving the demand for lithium.

And that’s what sets lithium apart. It’s a unique element because it’s a source of energy unlike any other. While limited like resources such as fossil fuels or uranium, it’s not nearly as destructive. And while there is a limited supply of lithium, there’s still much to be harvested. The future for lithium is bright, the element called white gold isn’t going anywhere.

Lithium In The Energy Economy

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