See Your Way Clear to New Window Savings

If new windows are worth buying, they are worth proper installation. While window replacement costs start at only around $1,000, the cost of improper installation, after repairs, can be upwards of $10,000. So, how can someone save money when replacing the windows in their home?

For starters, it is vital to understand the value of proper insulation. Gaps around windows can lead to a host of problems like condensation, leaks, energy loss, damage to walls and framing, and mold. In fact, in homes across America, people are unknowingly waving goodbye to up to 30% of their home’s heated or cooled air from window gaps alone. 

On the bright side though, there is potential for enormous savings with proper window insulation and proper window installation service. For instance, those In the northern part of the country could save up to $366 a year in energy bills just by replacing their windows. What is more, replacing a single-paned window properly can save an astonishing $583 a year. With all these considerations, it pays to have a professional installation, with an attention to workmanship, accuracy, and quality materials. While your windows may be clear, your installation choice should be just as clear.

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