The Power of Corporate Gifting

Gift giving, for the individual, is a time to be generous and to show a sense of care. Corporate gifting  is a time to show off a sense of identity. Gifting keeps customers around, boosts word of mouth, and keeps a brand relevant. That’s not to say that all gifts are created equal though.

Each brand requires a different gift, specific to their message and utility. An effective gift is personal, it’s authentic, and it’s branded. For a brand that values liberation, a gift that shows this off like whiskey could be effective. For a brand that values intimacy, a gift such as a robe will display that. And for a brand that’s about enjoyment, a gift that is lighthearted and fun is essential. A game itself is the perfect example of a gift in this case. Others tend to gravitate towards tech.

These are, of course, only suggestions. What they’re all meant to illustrate though is the principles behind gift giving. Gifts that are pleasant to the consumer, person, and uniquely branded really leave an impact. Effective gift giving can increase ROI as well as loyalty and brand perception. 

Giving a gift is a nice gesture, make sure it’s one that’s remembered.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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