Welcome Gifts for TradeUP New Traders

Do you want to grow your investment portfolio quickly, or are you interested in trading, but don’t know where to start? Make investing as easy as checking your social media stats with TradeUP, an innovative stock trading platform that allows even novice users to create a live trading account and start building their portfolio.

TradeUP offers the best possible customer service experience, and that starts with an intuitive, user-friendly mobile platform utilizing cutting-edge technology that allows for real-time trading and accessible information. When users first start in the stock market, it can be easy to get quickly overwhelmed.

Easy Sign-Up

It’s so easy to create a TradeUP account – it takes less than 5 minutes, and you can access your account any time from your smartphone or tablet – or any device. It’s designed to answer a user question, allow you to check your performance, and automate trades when your chosen stocks reach your sell point.

Free Gift!

Would you love to win up to FIVE FREE STOCKS? TradeUP is offering each new user a chance to earn up to five free stocks when you sign up for the innovative trading platform. The app is a leading-edge mobile trading solution, and the competitive incentives are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the user experience. Allowing new users the chance for FIVE free stocks helps them investigate which ones they wish to invest in, and have the opportunity to explore the app and online trading securely.

How does it work?

Receiving your chance to earn five free stocks is easy. New users open their live TradeUP account and then receive Amazon stock. Before even spending a dime, TradeUP is offering new users the opportunity to make money. No other app out there gives such a great incentive, just for signing up!

But, the offer gets better! Scroll down for more information. 

How Can I Get Started?

Starting TradeUP online trading is simple. Download the app, and then just set up your account and your secure log-in information, then answer a series of questions about your investment goals. TradeUP is a zero-commission trading platform, which allows users to trade EFTs, stocks, and other tradeable like cryptocurrency with no hidden fees. It’s the best stock trading app that helps new users and beginners learn how to invest, and allows veterans of the stock market to trade what they want when they want – on the go! Plus, with the special IPO subscription, TradeUP users can have access to the newest IPOs that are up and coming in the world. Let’s get started!

Campaign Title: Welcome Gifts for TradeUP New Traders

Campaign Period: 28 June 2021, 12:00:00 EST — 30 July 2021, 23:59:59 EST

1. How to Participate

A new client who completes registration, account opening, or account funding during the campaign period will receive corresponding rewards.

2. Reward Categories

2.1 Registration Reward

A client who completes registration will receive free access to LV2 quotes for 30 days.

2.2 Account Opening Reward

A client who opens a Live Trading account will receive cash coupons worth $20 ($5 cash coupon*4).

2.3 Deposit Reward

A client who makes a qualifying initial deposit may receive the following rewards:

Initial deposit  Reward  
≥$1,000  Cash coupons worth $50 ($10 cash coupon*5)  
≥$10,000  Cash coupons worth $100 ($10 cash coupon*10)  
≥$200,000  1 share of AMZN*  

*Up to 20 shares of AMZN will be gifted through this campaign. The first 20 clients to make qualifying initial deposits of $200,000 or above will each receive 1 share of AMZN. Remaining clients who make qualifying initial deposits of $200,000 or above will receive cash coupons worth $100 ($10 cash coupon*10).

3. How to Collect Your Rewards

3.1 Registration rewards will be issued to clients’ Rewards Center within 1 business day after the client completes registration.

3.2 Account opening rewards will be issued to clients’ Rewards Center within 1 business day after the client opens a Live Trading account.

3.3 Deposit rewards will be issued to clients’ Rewards Center within 1 business day after the qualifying deposit is settled. ACH deposits settle in 1 business day.

3.4 Once rewards are issued, clients need to click “Claim” in [TradeUP-Me-Rewards Center] within 20 calendar days to activate the rewards. Rewards that have not been claimed after 20 calendar days will automatically become invalid.

4. Rewards Description

4.1 LV2 quotes

U.S. Stock LV2 Arca quote card provides free access to NYSE ArcaBook LV2 data. If the market data is not updated in time, please log out and log in again. Access to LV2 data is valid for 30 calendar days after receipt.

4.2 Free Share

The free share (AMZN) will be delivered to the receiving client’s Live Account positions within 10 business days after the client claims it in Rewards Center.

After that, the share status in the client’s reward center will be updated from “Issuing” to “Issued.”

4.3 Cash Coupon

A cash coupon is electronic coupon issued by TradeUP. It is valid for 30 calendar days after receipt. Each coupon can be redeemed for a cash rebate for one buy order, which must be completed within the validity period. Once the cash coupon reward is activated, it will automatically pair with the client’s next buy order. Each coupon will only be paired with one executed buy order.

If the client has more than one cash coupon, there is a cooldown period of 5 minutes between the use of each coupon; the second coupon will not automatically pair with any orders executed between this period. Once 5 minutes have passed, the second coupon will automatically be activated and pair with the next executed buy order.

If the nominal value of the paired order is greater than or equal to the value of the cash coupon ($10), the rebate amount will be equal to the coupon value. If the nominal value of the paired order is less than the value of the cash coupon ($10), the rebate amount will be equal to the actual price of the order.

The cash rebate will be completed within one business of the order’s execution. The rebate amount will be added directly to the client’s account balance. After the rebate is complete, the client may check the details of the rebate via [TradeUP-Me-Rewards Center].

5. Additional Notes

5.1 Rewards from this campaign do not conflict with other TradeUP campaign rewards in the same period.

5.2 Only clients who open a Live Trading account successfully are eligible to receive the free stock reward.

6. Disclaimers

6.1 Rewards in this campaign are offered by Marsco Investment Corp. (“Marsco”). TradeUP app is the trading platform offered by TradeUP INC. Security brokerage service is provided by Marsco. Both Marsco and TradeUP INC. are subsidiaries of UP Fintech Holding Ltd. (NASDAQ: TIGR).

6.2 This promotion is open to U.S. residents, who are at least 18 years of age with a valid Social Security Number. Employees, contractors, or persons similarly associated with TradeUP INC., Marsco or their affiliates, members of their household and employers of any securities regulatory organization or exchange are not eligible for this promotion.

6.3 Where required by applicable rules and regulations, the value of all Marsco offers received may be reported as Other Income on Form 1099-MISC. Marsco is not responsible for individual tax reporting related to this reward program.

6.4 At their discretion, TradeUP INC. and Marsco reserve the right to adjust the program parameters

6.5 Marsco reserves the right to explain the activity terms and conditions. Some clients may not be qualified.

6.6 TradeUP INC. and Marsco reserve the right to terminate the program at any time without notice.

6.7 Other restrictions may apply and will be posted on the TradeUP application or website prior to effectiveness.

6.8 Marsco is a member of FINRA and SIPC, for further information, please refer to FINRA BrokerCheck and SIPC insurance coverage.

6.9 Offer is not transferable, is not valid with internal transfers, and is not valid in conjunction with certain other offers.

6.10 This is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business.

6.11 Rewards distributed under this promotion do not constitute a recommendation for its purchase, sale or holding.

6.12 TradeUP INC. and Marsco reserve the right to recall gifted shares, sales proceeds from those gifted shares or rewards that were obtained due to a technical glitch, hacking incident, false trading/funding activities, or other fraudulent activities.

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