What is Eminent Domain

It seems rather suspect that in America – known to many as the land of the free and the home of the brave – that the government has the ability literally written into our constitution that they have the legal right to take your land. Yes, you read that correctly. This does not mean, however, that they can do it without compensating you. That being said, they aren’t necessarily going to give you the best deal, and can’t even split up your land if they say that it can serve the public good.  We are talking about the world of eminent domain.

What is considered to be eminent domain? It is The regulations that have to do with how and why the government is able to buy your land. They are even able to break up parcels of your land that would not be favorable to your benefit.  

You have the right to legal representation when it comes to eminent domain. Make sure that you find yourself with adequate representation as you do have options in this.

Learn more about eminent domain, as well as your rights in the matter and how to get the best deal available to you in the following deep dive visuals below:

eminent domain infographic
Source: Dallas & Turner, PLLC

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