Which Is The Best Hoverboard For Kids? 2020 Buyers Guide

This is the best time to give your children the best gift you can afford. But what to present??? That’s a big question. Well, hoverboard electric scooters can be the best choice for you to present to kids on their birthday or any other special occasion. What is more important about the gift is that you are giving them a chance to learn how to drive that will make you children strong to understand the terminologies of road and will also come across the rules and regulation that should be followed at the road.

We think that riding a hoverboard is all about thrill, fun, and excitement. Yes, that is absolutely right and that is why parent buy their children best available hoverboard electric scooters so they can enjoy and make some fun about this new addition in their life but one thing should be kept in mind while choosing a hoverboard for their children and that is, It must safe enough to avoid any damage to their love ones. So, before going for a safe enough Hoverboard Electric Scooter will suggest a list of instructions to have a look at them.

Safety:        This is the first aspect that parents should look for before buying a hoverboard. One of the big risks of these devices is the explosion. So, parents need to make sure that the hoverboard must have UL2272 certification to reduce fire and explosion risks.

Speed:        Speed is another aspect that should be looking for. Speed is one of the main reasons that can cause accidents and can damage the whole life of your children. So, to avoid that parents need to select a hoverboard with moderate speed and do not go for the fancy ones.

Age Limit:  Always go for those devices which are suitable for your children. Do not provide the hoverboards that are above their age limit.

Wheel Size:   Parents always concern about the size of a hoverboard. Well, it is good to know that if the size of the hoverboard does not make that much difference the size of the tires can create a huge impact on the safety of the hoverboard. Tires with big size produce rapid speed but lessen the measurement of safety. So, parents need to go for the hoverboards having 6 to 7 inches tire size.

LED lights: LED lights are there to serve the machine from the decoration point of view. Children love to have a more decorated hoverboard than a simple one. So, it will be good to choose the one with charming LED lights

Now it is time to check out the list to make your decision easier. In order to get complete information about Hoverboards that you are going to buy.

1. Megawheels, Hoverboard With LED lights And Other Stunning Features:

This is the first pick of our list. It has got everything that a kid looks for in a hoverboard. The tires are suitable with moderate speed, high-end battery range and much more. So, provide your kids with the best Hoverboard that reduces the fall risk due to its low profile. Here are some of the major features of the device.

The stylish design is integrated with the illumination facility by introducing LED lights which is the attractive force for most of the kids. The design plus LED lights will be attractive and the ultimate choice for your children. The device is powered by two powerful motors of 350 Watts. It means your kids will have the ultimate power when the hoverboard. The torque of the electric scooter is on the high. With this high-end torque, you can ride on any terrain even if you are a heavyweight person.

Though the power is impressive, but the speed limit per hour is not that much impressive as one can suggest looking at the dual motors on the vehicle. It will only allow you to reach a maximum level of 7 miles per hour. But still, it is good enough for your kids to deal with it.

It can easily carry load up to 260 lbs. This is enough load as this scooter is suitable for kids and kids normally do not have that much weight. Another incredible thing about the device is that it can easily handle inclines up to 25-degrees. With such a heavy load covering such a steep angle is something hard to believe. But that’s what you can have with this special device.

The battery is another aspect that should be considered closely. The ranges of the battery are approximately 10 miles. It means that you can have a ride of the 10 miles with it when fully charged.

The last but not the least, The safety of MegaWheels hoverboard is backed with certification. It is a UL 2272 certified hoverboard that has the ability to overcome explosions,  battery’s protection against leaks, fires, and other potentially harmful incidents.

The scooter is available in different colors that allow you to choose the color the one likes the most.

  • Comfortable to ridenHigh-end dual motornUL 2272 certifiednGood for tough terrainsnCan carry heavy loadsnBudget-friendlyn25-degree incline capabilitynThe design is attractiven
  • Lacking BluetoothnSpeed range is on the slower sidenBattery range is on lower side as welln

2. DailySaw Hoverboard, Best For Your Kids

This is the second pick of the list. Feature some outstanding qualities. The look is outstanding, the range is awesome, kids love the LED lights and, connecting qualities.

The design of the device is outstanding. The LED lights are there to increase the charm of the electric scooter. The Red, Blue, and Green add more attraction to the look of the Hoverboard.

It is powered by a twin 350-W motors that provide the vehicle with enough power to bear a sizable amount of load. With these powerful dual motors back up the DailySaw will ensure high-end performance.

The 6.5 inches tires are favorable for kids. The tires help the vehicle to keep close to the ground that lessens the chances of unexpected incidents. It is helpful to keep you self-balancing whatever the terrain is. The weight is 25 pounds that are also good for the best riding of the hoverboard.

The weight holding quality of the machine is also incredible. The manufacturers have mentioned that it can bear weight up to 220 pounds to perfectly. But this is not the limit it can also bear beyond that. The functionality of the device is maximum at this stage. It can easily overcome inclines up to 20-degrees.

The hoverboard is packing a Premium Lithium-ion battery that ranges up to 12.5 miles per hour when fully charged. It means that you can enjoy your riding for 4-6 hours when you charge it to the full. When you ran out of the power you can easily refuel it within a span of 120 minutes. There is an indicator to provide information about the battery life to the rider. With the introduction of Bluetooth technology, the user can enjoy music while riding on the hoverboard. The maximum speed limit of the hoverboard is 10.5 miles per hour. This is one of the best hoverboards for kids that provide the user with the fastest speed limit. So, if you are in a search of high-speed hoverboard then DailySaw is the go-to choice for you to gift to your kids.

  • Heavy duty motornLED and RBG lightsnBluetooth packingnHigh-end speed limitnGood battery rangen220 pounds weight limitnSuitable tiresn
  • A bit expensive

3. Halo Go; The Best Choice For Your Middle School Kids

This is the best choice for kids around 10 years. They can ride it the way they want. It provides them with everything connectivity, high-end speed, long-lasting range, powerful motor and much more.

The design of the device is very attractive with LED lights. The LED lights and different colors availability is the attractive force for your kids. Tires, foot-pads and other things on the hoverboard will add something more to the hoverboard.

The 500 Watts motor is there to ensure a powerful performance. Though the motor is not as powerful as compared to the above-mentioned hoverboards. But still, it is enough to the weight of your kids and provides high-end functionality.

The battery of the device is Samsung Lithium-ion UL certified battery. The battery ranges 8 miles that last for 2 hours almost which is enough range and will give a headache-free ride for several hours continuously. The battery indicator indicates the remaining life of the battery that can be refueled in almost two hours.

It has the ability to carry up to 260 lbs. which means that it is equally good for adults as well. Kids’ weight can easily be managed by the device. So, there will be no issue if you gift the device to your adult child. It is good for inside use and those surfaces which are even. So, this eliminates the option of off-road riding.

The Halo Go covers 9 miles in an hour to provide your kids with maximum speed. They can reach anywhere they want in a split. But it depends on the terrain that you are using for riding. If the surface is even and paved then you can use it in a better way.

The Bluetooth introduction in the device will ensure the rider’s connectivity to its smartphone that allows you to enjoy music along with ridings. You can easily connect your smartphone to the device and the tones you like the most.

  • Attractive designnExcellent battery rangen260 lbs. weight bearablenBluetooth technologynPowerful batteryn
  • Motor is a bit on the lower-sidenA bit expensiven

4. Gyroor T580 Hoverboard, Swift Hoverboard, The Ultimate Choice For Your Kids

The next pick of the list for your love ones is the Gyroor T580 Hoverboard, having outstanding features and will be a good choice for kids.

The design is attractive with different colors and LED lights are above them to attract the attention of the surrounding people. The speed, range, battery, and other features are awesome. The self-balancing technology makes it easy for your children to handle the hoverboard.

The electric scooter is packed with dual motors each has a capability of 250-W in total 500-W. This is something powerful for powerful performance. This is something good for your children. Such type of motors do not provide the kids with enough speed to avoid unexpected incidents. The motor can bear weight up to 265 pounds.

The Gyroor T580 Hoverboard is packed with a certified lithium-ion battery that provides the device with enough energy to draw the machine for 7.5 miles. After finishing the power you can recharge it again just within 120 minutes and you will be ready again to have a good ride.

The speed of the electric scooter is 8 miles per hour. This is enough amount of speed that can take you anywhere you want in no time. The tires are 6.5 inches which are good all terrains. It means that your kids can have an off-road ride with this powerful hoverboard.

App enabled which means that you can control the device via your handset. The app allows you to check the speed at which you are riding, the LED lights can also be controlled through this app. You can easily save the track that you are going to use for the ride. Battery’s life and other information is also available on the device through which the hoverboard is controlled. The Bluetooth connectivity of the device allows the rider to enjoy a ride with music.

Its UL 2272 certified so Safety is guaranteed. This is the certificate that ensures that the hoverboard is safe and secure to use. The certificate lessens the risk of the explosion and unnecessary incidents.

  • For all terrains paved, even and uneven.nCan handle weight up to 265 lbs.nSelf-balancing technology makes it easy to handle the hoverboard even for a beginner kid.nApp enablednBluetooth technologynAffordablenSpeed is awesomenRange is goodnPowerful batteryn
  • Off-road drive can be dangerous

5. TOMOLOO K1, The hoverboard For Both Kids and Adults

This last pick of the article and we decided to hit you with something fancy and attractive with catchy features to draw your attention to this powerful and outstanding product of the company.

Let’s talk about the design of the device. The design is stylish enough with different colors. The LED lights on the hoverboard add beauty to the hoverboard. The LED lights not only enhance the beauty of the device but it can be used as headlights when there is no light on the streets. The charging port is unique as well.

It is packed with powerful twin motors of 350-W capacity each. It ensures high-end and powerful performance. The motors will make the hoverboard able to carry enough load without altering the performance.

The device is packed with a massive Lithium-Ion battery. This will offer more power to drive the machine forcefully and for a long period of time. The range of the battery is even better that is 12 miles when it is fully charged. There are indicators that show the rider’s remaining battery life of the device.

The distance covers by the TOMOLOO K1 is 10 miles per hour. The vehicle is suitable for those kids who want to drive at a high speed. Reaching school is now no issue with this fast electric scooter.

It carries support for App to connect the device to your smartphone. This is one of the latest features that have been added to these robotic vehicles to control it in a better way. You can control the speed limit, music and much more via this App. The Bluetooth technology is there to connect the device’s speaker and enjoy music.

The safety measures are quite tight. It is packed with 2272 certification to ensure that it should not damage any of its users. The protection that is provided by the company is including short circuit protection, balance protection, overcharge protection, and temperature protection. It seems that the protection quality of the device is above all.

  • Powerful dual motor with 700 watts capacity.nHigh-end speednBetter mileagenGood for kids and adults equallyn2272 certifiednImproved protectionnPowerful batterynLED lightsnStylish designn
  • ExpensivenSpeed may cause incudentsn

So How was the list of the best hoverboard for kids? Hope now you’ll be able to make your decision and choose the best one which can fulfill your desire.

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