Why Probiotic Supplements Are Necessary

Did you know that 20 million Americans suffer from chronic digestive diseases? 62% of Americans, while not suffering from chronic conditions, experience other forms of digestive distress such as bloating, cramping or heartburn regularly. If you are someone who experiences these symptoms, you may benefit from a supplement.

Probiotic supplements can help rebalance the bacteria in the gut that is responsible for keeping you feeling your best. Eating foods that are high in sugar, taking antibiotics, or not getting enough exercise can hurt the good bacteria and cause digestive distress. Reversing this damage can be difficult when trying to adopt new lifestyle habits, but supplements are a safe and easy way to rebalance your system.

There are different types of supplements you can take to help your digestive health, and it is important to know which one is the best for you. Probiotics are a supplement that colonizes the digestive tract and are very beneficial, but can be risky for immunocompromised people. Someone who is immunocompromised may benefit from an immunobiotic, a supplement that can trigger a stronger immune response. These do not colonize the body, but still offer similar  benefits to probiotics. 

If you are experiencing symptoms of digestive distress, talk to your doctor to see if a supplement could help you feel better. For more information about why supplements are necessary to maintain good digestive health, look at the infographic below:

Do Probiotics Really Work?: Why Probiotics are Necessary
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