Five Best Microphones For Vlogging – Buyers Guide

What is matter a lot in vlogging. Do you think it’s the voice that attracts people to what you present, Yes It is true that Best Microphones for vlogging do matter because an attractive can even drive ladies form the kitchen but there is something more important….. Can you guess? Yes, you are right, The best Microphone for vlogging that matters a lot. In fact, almost half of the task is done by the microphone.

You need to look for the following aspects while selecting a stunning microphone that can ease your job and make your volg more attractive and appealing.

  • A microphone that could record in full HD resolution
  • Must have a good condensing quality to avoid the distortion of the sound
  • Shotgun microphones are best for vlogging.
  • The most important factor is the price, always look for a microphone that is affordable
  • Look for a microphone with long handles to help you out in outdoor recording

Let’s dive in to the main portion of the article and highlight the best available microphones for vlogging. Our focus will be on three main aspects. Budget, the main aspect for most of the vloggers. So we will bring quality affordable microphones. The next thing is the quality of the microphone. So different qualities will described to make your decision easier. The last one will be extra tools that a microphone provides a user with.

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1. RODE VIDEOMIC PRO. A Shotgun Microphone With HD Plus Resolution:

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If you are looking for a microphone with a heavy budget and stunning features then this is the best choice for you to go for. It can easily improve the quality of your sound recording. The Rode VideoMicpro helps the user to record the sound in HD Plus resolution. Most of the Yontubers and Vloggers.

It has been designed for DSLRs vlogger camera. The 3.5mm connector allow the microphone to connect to a DSLR camera and other audio devices to make your task easier and get sound results. It makes the recording very charming and add values to the recordings. For crystal clear sound the ½ inch condenser allow you to reduce the sound from different directions and will let the audience to focus on what is recoded. The condenser actually record sound form one direction by reducing background noise and thus crystal clear sound.

Being a vlogger you can not stay at one place while making a video. So there must be some movement that can cause vibration or rumbles in the sound while recording which is not good for the health of the recording. To avoid this headache the microphone is packed with a shock mounting system called Rycote Lyre.

Last but not the least, the things that can add values to the microphone adjustability and provide the user with an easy environment to do vlogging are given below:

Booming stand: Though it is a shotgun microphone that can be fitted on the camera very easily yet there is a need of this stand, specially when the user wants to shoot from a distance, so on that case the microphone must be closed to you for crystal clear sound. So, in such situations the Booming stand is a good choice for you.

The other thing that you need is the two pack of CAMVATE Mic Screw Adapter as it can easily allow to fix the microphone on the Tripod Boming Stand. And at the end a 25 feet cable is required that might be extend in case of need.


  • Good for outdoor and indoor recording
  • Specially designed for DSLR vlogging cameras
  • Resistance against rumblings in the sound
  • No background sounds that allows to focus on what is recording
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for natural recording



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The microphone has some cool features with a reasonable price tag. This is suitable for professional use. Shotgun that can be easily fitted to any camera and audio devices. The microphone is made of hypothec plastic which makes it a bit lighter. The mic is covered with filter foam to avoid a the sounds from the surroundings. This feature helping out in crystal clear sound that make the video more attractive and catchy. Let’s jump in to the main features of the microphone that might be helpful for you in making a decision whether to go for it or not.

Foam widescreen protect the mic to avoid any kind of sound that is created in the surroundings. The Shock Mount is providing resistance against any rumble or vibration in the sounding while moving from place to place. Camera Shoe Mount is there to fix the microphone on the camera if you are using it from a close distance. There are two keys on the rear of the microphone. The button on the left side that ranges from High Pass Filter to Flat when the Mic is on. On the right side there is another button for the dB control that has got three position level control, ranges from -10dB to +20dB. And a 3.5mm Audio jack for connecting you headphones to the microphone. The TRS cable that is used to connect the micro with other devices is fixed on the microphone that is a bit wired. A battery compartment is just under the mic portion, takes two batteries to start the proceedings.

You will also need the stuff that is mentioned earlier.

  • Tripod Booming Stand to make it more flexible
  • Mic Screw Adapters
  • A long Cable

  • Budget friendly
  • High Pass Filter technology helps in producing quality sound
  • A bit light
  • Resistance for the vibration in the sound
  • Fixed TRS cable is the drawback
  • Not good for those sounds that are created in the background


3. SENNHEISER MKE 400, Small In Size But Returns Best Result.

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The third on our list, small in size with stunning features that can attract any user. How it can be helpful for with this small size. The answer will be “Yes” because it can be while using the wide angle lens. Some other big size microphones can cause problems while using the wide angle lens of the camera. Now its time to jump into the main features of the microphone to get some benefit from the description.

It is built with a rugged metal housing to keep it safe and sound. This feature provide the microphone with durability and long lasting. Moving from one place to another causes vibration in the voice that can disturb you audio quality a great deal but do not need to worry about this microphone because it has been packed with a shock mount to avoid any vibration in the sound. It only allow sound that comes from the front by blocking the sounds from the surroundings. It has a wind shield that is used to avoid the winds effect a great deal to provide crystal clear sound.

Moreover, it has two buttons and an indicator at the middle that shows the battery status of the microphone. Both of the keys are used for different functions. One of the keys is used for short and long distance recording the other key is used for on and off option at the extreme side and when this key is at the middle it works wind rejection.

If you want to use a tripod stand with this microphone so it also provide you with that option as well. Almost 2 feet long coiled TRS wire that is fixed in the microphone. Due to its small size it can only accommodate only a single AAA battery that will provide the microphone with almost 300 hours of power.

  • Long battery timing
  • Long and short distance recording
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Tough and durable
  • Small size is good when wide angle lens is used
  • A bit expensive

4. RODE VIDEOMIC GO – Best Microphones For Vlogging

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This is the microphone that belongs to the same manufacturers but having different qualities. The factor of its selection is the price. The previous one was about $200 that is a but expensive especially when you are new to the industry where you can’t afford to buy expensive equipment. This is one that can cost you under $100 which is affordable with almost the same qualities. The shape is almost the same with a lightweight. It is also a shotgun microphone that is compatible with every camera to produce good results. If you are looking for a microphone with professional qualities then this is the best choice for you to go for. Let’s look at some of the main features of the device to make your decisions easier.

Like other high-end professional microphones the Rode VideoMic Go is equipped with special quality to capture sound from one direction that eliminates all the unwanted sounds from the rest of the directions allow the listener to concentrate on what is recording.

The suspension system of the microphone is even better than the Pro version that is used to handle the shocks and will eliminate vibration in the during moving from one place to another. So this is anther advantage that can get you better results in vlogging.

The cable on the Go version is removable that provides that device with more flexibility. If you want to pack the microphone you can easily remove the TRS cable.

Do you think why this variant of the microphone is named GO… well the reason might be that it does not required any battery, all you need to do is to just fit the microphone on the camera and GO… no headache of replacing battery every now and then.

The only thing that is going to annoy you is the wind cover is not that much outstanding as we thought it would be. It is not 100% capable of eliminating the wind effect, especially when it is blown from the back.

  • No battery is needed
  • Budget friendly
  • Has fantastic shock observer to eliminate vibration in the sound
  • Lightweight
  • Removable TRS cable
  • Wind cover is not good
  • Outdoor recording in windy conditions will not be good


5. Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Super-Cardioid Directional Shotgun Microphone

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The last but not the least, the final one of our collection. The Deity D3 Pro is there for the volggers to record professionally. Though the Pro version is much larger than the D3 standard version, yet it is super light. The piece of the device is on the high but the features are outstanding that overcomes the price. Let’s see what are the cool aspects this vlogging microphone that could actually force to change your decision and prefer this super cool microphone over the others.

For most of the features the Deity D3 Pro will not be that much different from the above mentioned microphones. For example you will find the same TRS cable that is used to connect the microphone with the camera setup. And many other features that will not inspire you to go for it. But still there is plenty to talk about.

The most important thing and the special one about the microphone is that it has got step-less analog gain adjustment dial that is up to +20 dB. Now you would think that is special about this adjustable gain. So remember it allows you to set the dial in the exact amount of gain you need for the shot.

The device is equipped with 320mAh Lithium Ion battery that can support the microphone for 51 hours non-stop. The important thing about the battery is  the auto turn off system when left for 15 minutes on standby mode. This will save the battery for the future use. Some of the microphones do not have this feature that runs out battery.

The Rycote Shock Mount allows you to adjust your microphone on the camera wherever you want.

  • Step-less analog gain
  • Battery auto turn off facility
  • Massive battery timing
  • Rycote Shock Mount is there to adjust and balance the microphone the way you want
  • Durable
  • High Budget


Thank you for reading all the stuff that has been provided. We tried our best to cover all the aspects that could play a major role in making a decision. If there is something not mentioned, we are extremely sorry for that. In this article we gave you a review about the best microphones for vlogging that can be better for you in making attractive videos with outstanding audio equipment. The article has got everything for you, cheap and expensive microphones. Now, it is up to you that which one likes the most. So if you have made your mind then what are you waiting for just check it out and buy it.

Always select a best microphones for vlogging that provides you with everything that you need in your travel videos or vlogs. What I want to say is that must be able to reduce unwanted sounds form the surroundings, choose a microphone that ensures huge battery life and the last but not the least is that always look for the price tag of the microphone that want to buy.

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