Best waterproof Bluetooth headphones – 2020 Buyer Guides

You are a beach hunter and you have a problem to listen to your favorite music or you are a water boat player and wants to enjoy the boating with music or you are living is a watery place and you have some problems with your headphone then I recommend you to try one of the best quality headphones and that are waterproof wireless headphones. Waterproof Wireless headphones are perfect for those places which are considered extremely watery. bluetooth headphones waterproof have the ability to resist water and provide the best quality sound that you want.

Here we are going to prepare a list of tremendous waterproof headphones that are highly recommendable and are in use throughout the globe. In this passage we will try to cover all those aspects of these extremely powerful Bluetooth waterproof headphones. Be ready we are going to reveal the secret in a short while.. Please fasten your seatbelt.

Best waterproof Bluetooth headphones List

1. Jaybird X4


8 hrs play time

Battery Life

8 hrs play time




Personalized Sound

Custom EQ

Personalized Sound

Sport Fit Plus



Speed Cinch

Cable Management


10 Minutes = 1 Hour

Fast Charge

10 Minutes = 1 Hou

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The shape is awesome. It is one of the best headphones amongst the Jaybird series. The features that make jaybird X4 different from the others are as follow:

It comes with long lasting battery lifetime approximately 8 hours. So, you can enjoy music without any interruption for a long time. it provides you 8 hours wireless play time.

Another feature of the Jaybird X4 is that you can control volume, call receiving and ending, track skipping, mic and mute with single button. It does not interrupt your work or stops you paying attention to your phone.

Listening to a quality sound is the basic aim of a listener. So, don’t worry the Jaybird X4 provides you with this quality as well.  You can easily crank up and down the bass and treble in order to customize the sound quality according to your own choice. You can do all these with the help of Custom EQ.

The quality that I am going to mention I think is one most impressive quality that the Jaybird features are that it has got an excellent resistance quality for every kind of weather. Especially it is waterproof and sweatproof. It means that you can enjoy a quality sound no matter you are work at a watery place or having a bath of sweat. Because it has the technology of IPX7.

Jaybird X4 comes with complete accessories that are completely interchangeable. These are two pairs of silicon tips, three pairs of ear fins, a short clip, adjustable speed Cinch, comply foam tips, a shirt clip, a carry pouch and a charger. All these make this waterproof Bluetooth headphone the ultimate choice for the customers.

2. Jabra Elite Active 65t

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Battery Timing :         5 hrs, 15 with charge case

Charging time:           15 mins charge for 1.5 hrs

Wearing style:            True wireless

Key feature:               Accelerometer, rapid charge

Microphone:              4-microphone 

Voice command:      Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant

This one the best wireless earbuds with water protection technology IPX6 (IP56). The shape is very simple and elegant. It does not look like a typical headphone set rather just earbuds. No wire but with best results.
Though the Jabra Elite Active 65t is stringless and doesn’t have the equipment as the other wireless Bluetooth headphones have but still it fits into the ears as the other headphones do. Thus with this you can freely do whatever you want to do.
The Jabra has got a powerful Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth that is used in this headphone is Bluetooth 5.0 (SBC, AAC). This provides the user a powerful connectivity over a long range. This provides true wireless stability to reduce call and music failures.
This wireless Bluetooth earbud headphone has an exceptional battery lifetime, which is up to 15 hours. The Jabra Elite Active 65t has got two additional charges in a single case to enhance the battery life and provide a handsome period to listen to the quality sound without any interruption. The recharging is also very rapid and takes the 15 minutes to charge 1.5 hours of battery.
There is an app available for it. With the help of this you can customize your music profile, modify the noise you want to hear from a near distance at much more. This app is proved to be the best companion of the Jabra Elite Active 65t.
The IPX6 (56) is responsible for keeping out the dust and sweat or other water to damage the device. Thus you can enjoy a quality sound for a long time. so make your life with this excellent wireless Bluetooth headphone.

3. The budget package: Origem HS-1 (Magnetic/RED)

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Technical Specification: 

  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Transmission Distance: 33ft/10 meters
  • Battery: Lithium-ion Polymer 70mAh Battery * 2
  • Frequency Response: 2.40GHz~2.48GHz
  • Charging Port: Micro USB
  • Charging Time: 30 minutes
  • Music Time: Up to 10 hours
  • Standby Time: 300 hours

This is another best feature of the wireless waterproof Bluetooth headphone. The shape is excellent so as the color that is Magnetic Red. This has a wire that connects both the earbuds and has three buttons along the wire that perform different functions.

The waterproof technology is IP67 that stops dust particles, water and sweat to enter the earbuds. That means you can enjoy the quality for a long time. This ability increases the life span of these headphones.

The connectivity is also exceptional. The Bluetooth version that is used in these wireless Bluetooth headphones is 4.1. The range is 33 feet or 10 meters which means the Bluetooth technology that is used in this headphone is very powerful.

The battery timing is an excellent one and provides you to listen to the sound you want to listen for a great amount of time without any breakage. The Origen HS-1 comes with two Lithium ion-polymer 70mAh batteries. These batteries last for almost ten hours. The recharging of the batteries is so that they hardly take 30 minutes to recharge again. The standby time of these batteries is almost 300 hours.

The IP67 technology is used in these magnificent earbuds which help in protecting them from the water. This ability enables the user to listen to music even in a very watery or sweaty conditions.

It fits around the neck with the help of a neck length wire along with ergonomic ear hook and two models earbuds. This it doesn’t allow the earbuds to fall down from the ears.

4. VAVA MOOV 28 , Budget Pro.

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It is the most powerful wireless Bluetooth waterproof headphones with very low price. It is the headphone that supports the budget even an average person whose income is low and provides the qualities that you seek in the other top wireless Bluetooth waterproof headphones. The shape and design are awesome along with the price.

The first thing we judge in a quality waterproof headphone is the water protection. So, in this regard, these headphones are IPX6 Splash-proof packed. The headphone resists sweat and a light amount of light due to the internal nano coating. Thus you can use it in a watery environment without any hesitation.

Another aspect that is taken in consideration is battery timing. So, do not worry about that, these powerful, low budget wireless Bluetooth headphones have a powerful battery and provide you a long-lasting backup time. The battery normally lasts for 9 hours after being fully charged. This 120mAh battery only recharged with 2 hours.

The Bluetooth version that is used in these waterproof headphones is 4.2. This is a powerful Bluetooth that covers a long range. This powerful Bluetooth version 4.2 reduces the power consumption. With the help of ATPX you can experience CD like Audio.

When we talk about a headphone, we assume that they must fit into ears and do not fall down easily. So, the Ergonomically Angled Ear-tip Design protects the headphone to safe from falling down. The specially designed silicon ear-tips reach deeper into the ear and fit strongly and makes sure that they fit while running, jogging and even playing.

5.  Senso Bluetooth Headphones:

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Make a sensible choice and choose one of the best low cast headphones and that is the Senso Bluetooth Headphone. This is the last of the list but has some special features that enforce the user to have it in his pocket. Let explore these features.

The shape and design is outstanding. It is designed to go round your neck and also fit into the ear. The cable is long enough to cover your neck and the hooks help earbuds to fit in the ear.

The waterproofing technology that is used on this headphone is IPX7. The technology protects the earbuds to coup up with any watery situation whether it is sweat or water. The internal nano coating does not let sweat or water to damage the earbuds. This ensures the durability of these headphones.

Exceptional play time and standby time is another feature enforces the customer to have a glance at it. The real play time is almost 8 hours once fully charged and the standby time even exceptional that is 240 hours. These abilities provide you to listen to quality sound without any breakage.

The sound quality is amazing due latest version of Bluetooth is used in these headphones.  It features 4.1 CSR Technology that produces clear skip-free sound over a long range of distance of 30 feet. The Bluetooth also features double device connectivity at the same time.

 This waterproof Bluetooth headphone comes with three sets of Ear Hooks, vary from small to large, a carrying case, short charging cable, one set of memory foam ear tips many others.

Some Others best waterproof wireless headphones:

I hope after reading this short but informative article you would have achieved what you were looking for. In this article, we explained the Best Waterproof Bluetooth headphones and the best the wireless Ear-buds. These headphones are very impressive, have reasonable prices, having powerful Bluetooth and outstanding IPX water protection technology. All these qualities make these headphones a preferable choice for selection. Now, if you are in search of a good waterproof Bluetooth headphone or Ear-bud then these are the go to choice for you. Go and grab it.

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