Buy Now Pay Later Helps Our Health and Spending in Check

The majority of Americans have health insurance at this point, however this doesn’t usually cover dentistry. This medical expense, along with medical expenses of pets is something that most Americans are concerned about. 

Particularly with the effects of the pandemic on the economy, and the continued inflation, Americans are worried that they won’t be able to pay for veterinary or dental bills up front. They also don’t want to rely on traditional payment methods like credit cards. 

This means that, especially since COVID, more Americans are turning to buy now, pay later (BNPL)  as a way to cover these potentially large expenses. 

Some of the reasons why buy now, pay later is preferable to things like loans or credit cards are that there’s no interest, no hidden fees, consumers pay a flat fee, and they can pick their payback schedule to fit within their budget. 

All of this can be a huge relief, particularly in a time of economic uncertainty, when many of us have had major shifts in our income since the pandemic began. 

BNPL is giving consumers the ability to take care of their own dental needs and to be the kind of pet owners they want to be in providing care for their fur babies.

Buy Now, Pay Later

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