Gen Z Buys Based on Values

With all of Gen Z being aged between 10 and 22, most are already making decisions about where they are spending their money. With only 46% of Gen Zers reporting that they trust major institutions, this generation spends more time than anyone researching brands and making sure the products they are buying come from companies that hold similar values to them.

65% of  Gen Z research products originate before they purchase them. They look for answers to questions about the product’s origin, how it was made, and the company’s values that produce it. Gen Z prefers products that promote sustainable and ethical business practices, inclusivity, and affordability. Many members of Gen Z will stop supporting companies that are involved in scandals, are racist, or homophobic, and will often spread the word so others will stop supporting them as well. 

It is more important than ever that business change to more sustainable practices, as Gen Z is entering the market with stronger opinions and values than generations before them. With their income predicted to surpass Millennials in the next ten years, businesses that hold similar values to this generation can hope to see major business! Learn more about Gen Z’s purchasing habits in the infographic below:

How Gen Z Relates To Brands and How it Will Disrupt Global Markets

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